Smoked Outt Records - Low Down & Dirty Lyrics

Smoked Outt Records Lyrics

Low Down & Dirty Lyrics
(feat. Soulja Slim, Turk, Young Buck)

[Verse One: Turk]
if you know mad then ya know me from bussen' heads
kidnappin gettin hustles and duckin feds
a quiet nigga stay saggin' wit a bush fade
Hot Boy from Cash Money bout gettin paid
And if a nigga outta place when he walk
we swing deep if I miss when I shoot
I'll find out where ya stay Lil'Turk aint playin
I'm bout sprayin things aint nuttin for me
to see a nigga brains hang and you know about Baby
so I shouldnt have ta tell ya
Drop change on ya feet left stank niggas gon' smell ya
We some Low Down & Dirty
Niggas always down wit da souljas not wit da nerdy
Niggas stay ya distance lil daddy if ya dont want trouble
I'm talkin bout spinnin benz in black and lex bubbles
wit shit datta hit ya and hurt ya
Turn ya green and purple spin ya in circles
Young rida bout whateva scrap and trigga playin
Get out the way when I come nigga
I hate nigga catch fifty out my cake nigga
I dont play nigga earnin stripes like a boys scout
when I hit ya block you buck back or ya ass out
Ears off ya whole click dead dogg that's what I said
This youngsta about bussen' heads that's what I said
I'll paint ya white shirt white shirt red that's what I said
You got change on a nigga head you needa bread
watch I quick ya gon' come up dead you gon' get blues
You think it's a game dogg watch the 5:00 news
I do what I gotta do aint no time for no playin
You seen when I hit the block so when I'm hittin I'm sprayin
Uptown it's t-shirt man you aint hear my nigga Turk
St. Thomas puttin in work puttin faces on shirts
Stupid nigga you dont want beef wit us
cause we do pull ups, drive bys, and walk ups
and dogg the last nigga pled got his head bust
and dogg you'll get the same that's a promise, promise
I might be young but I aint scared to spin a Benz
I might be skinny but I aint scared to shoot 50
Juvey around wit me I'll shoot up where ya stay
We bout war no cost trigga-play
Me and Juvey, I gotta K. he gotta uzi
Two men on me I come drunk not stupid
and when we beefin yo' block gettin brusey
Me and Juzey yo head you'll loozey

[Verse Two: Young Buck]
Killa guerillas on my team hit the block in broad daylight
Diamonds that blind ya'll site duckin flossin my motor bike
paper chasers figures my pockets stay tight
I gotta key for every price stay up from sun to daylight
Gotta make that money mayn, whatev' it take for me to split ya wig
It ain't no thing cause I got choppers and grenades
Brang what you wan' brang justa another head & brains

[Verse Three:Young Buck]
I hit blocks earsin paper chasin is my hobby
You see me comin up you playa hatin tryna rob me
I don't think nigga Smoked Outt be on the real
Kickin flights all night tryna come up on a mill'
Nigga you besta feed me cause my click we takin over
Do what I told ya or get it knocked off ya shoulders
Bitch I'ma roller so respect my mind get outta line
and I'ma hit ya from behind nigga I told ya I'm soulja
and thats on the real Smoked Outt be the shit
Make you bitches feel nigga ya feel all the time ya dig

Y'all heard the motherf*cker man
It's all gravy baby respect his mind
It's beatiful me ha dogg I be eatin fettucini
and steak for the last five years now
Nah what I'm sayin look I'm lovin dis life
Nah what I'm sayin my nigga Davis jus' boutta viper ha
It's black its off the heezy fa real
I know ya'll seen me passin through y'all hood
Look you haters out here dragin we earsin ya know
Hhheehhaaa it's all gravy baby
It's about two but I got some birds but I want 30 bitches
Heehhaa guess I'll by the stale
to stale you Cash Money in dis bitch
Jay-Z, Sha-sha, I ain't forget about ya Baby
Lil' Wayne, Turk, it's all gravy
Juvey, Suga Slim, your Bizza

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