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Mother May I Lyrics
Mother Mother May I
Sit back and tell you how I feel up inside
Of how you rised me from a kid where only tha strong survive
You gave me discipline for consequence you gave me punishment
But I stilled disobeyed you hard head and know I'm suffering
Now look where I'm at but it's to late to look back
On all tha times you showed me love and tryed to cut me some slack
I took advance of that
And try to take it upon myself do it my way
And I learned tha hard way to live tha right way
I believe that all tha time it took for me to go to jail
And realize what you used to say
But mother may I apologize
Tha stuff you used to say to me was true I had to recognize
But mother could you just accept my apology
I'm sorry for all tha wrong that I done you'll never lie to me

I love you, I love you
Mamma I love you
I do all that you
Gave me

Up in this life I been a naughty lil child
Gave you a hand full of problems commin up as a juvenile
So every night I'm on bendin knees up in praise
Askin tha lord to forgive hopin to see better days
From the beginnin to tha end mamma you were my best friend
You always stood right by my side and watch me live this life of sin
So i reward you with this Mother Of Tha Year
Mother Of Tha Century, hopin everybody up here listen to me
Remember when I told you, you could find a better man
Cause I knew you can, now becomes tha day for you to marry this man
Congratulations, see your destination
He proposed and showed his love without no hesitation
Now we wonderin is there gone be a lot of change
Problem solvin in relationships
Let's make some rearrangin, I hear tha birds singin


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