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Solange Knowles Lyrics

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From the Album A Seat At The Table (2016) (buy at
A Seat At The Table

From the Album True (2013) (buy at
Losing You
Some Things Never Seem To F*cking Work
Locked In Closets
Lovers In The Parking Lot
Don't Let Me Down
Look Good With Trouble
Bad Girls (Verdine Version)

From the Album Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams (2008) (buy at

God-Given Name
Dancing In The Dark
Would've Been The One (IWouldveBeenthe1)
Sandcastle Disco
I Decided (Part 1)
Valentine's Day
6 O'clock Blues
An Ode To Marvin
I Told You So
Cosmic Journey
This Bird
I Decided, Part 2
White Picket Dreams (iTunes Edition Bonus Track)
ChampagneChronicNightCap (Circuit City Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Solo Star (2003) (buy at

Feelin' You (Part II)
Ain't No Way
Dance With You
Get Together
So Be It
True Love
Feel Good Song
This Could Be Love
Feelin' You (Part I)
Just Like You
Thinking About You (Scooby Doo Soundtrack)
Solo Star
I Used To
Sky Away
This Song's For You (Bonus Track)
Blinded (From Japanese Edition)
Naïve (Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
Freedom (From "Johnson Family Vacation" Soundtrack)
F*ck The Industry
Left Side Drive

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