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Gone 'til Whenever Lyrics
Got fat sacks of chronic in Amsterdam with my name on it
Got to show them in Copenhagen that I'm the dopest emcee rocking
I'm in the Czech republic
Trying to cash these checks cause my style of hip-hop they love it
I'm in London England with Non-Phixion
Gambling with Jean Grae like it was an addiction
Wishing I was kissing your beautiful face
One day baby I'll bring you to these beautiful places
But today I'm in Paris France
Eating crepes of grapes trying to make these people dance
I got a couple of days off in Berlin
City so old makes me wish I was born way back when
How many more shows at least ten!
At least I got a phone card to call family and friends
Wish you could see these things through my eyes
The sunrise over a sensual sky
Me in Austria with the Visionaries trying not to get lost
And getting pulled over in Holland by the cops and a
It all started back in 97
Up Above took us to Japan and Hawaii it was heaven
And then I went to Cuba and it left me in tears
Living by myself material things for four years
Myself, Riddlore, Aceyalone and Abstract
Rolling through Havana and catching a cab
Its one of the greatest sights I've ever had
Next to every night I spent with you at my pad
Did I tell you about the time I did a show in Japan?
With Atmosphere, Shingo Two and the entire Legends clan
It was me, OD, Acey and Dj Drez
Walking through downtown not knowing what anything said, baby
I'm almost home and I'm half way there I'm coming home with gifts
And I'm a thousand yards there
I'm in Austin with roach and AWOL One
Took a fillion Dr Peppers cause the night is dumb
There's like hundreds of fans waiting to see us again
I'm in the hotel room talking to you watching ESPN
Will be there in Indianapolis or Minneapolis
I'm just an Indy rapper with a million raps to bust
Just one more show that's out in Santa Cruz
With the Shapeshifter crew
I'm coming home to you

It's going down
I dedicate this song right here
To all the underground hit towns
All over the world
San Diego
Special shouts out to:
Austin Texas
Albuquerque New Mexico
Fort Collins
Seattle and Eugene
Don't forget Munich
Chi town
Denton Texas
And the places around the world that supports underground hip-hop

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