Songodsuns - It's All 4 You Lyrics

Songodsuns Lyrics

It's All 4 You Lyrics
Ahh yeah straight from mid city Los Angeles
We dedicate this to the whole city of Los Angeles
Its going down we gonna let it ride

We dedicate this to the world
We dedicate this to the word

[Verse One]
My name is 2mex
I'm your favorite gangster MCs favorite non gangster MC
I was raised in mid city
Los Angeles loves me I barely got an ID
I saw boys in the hood at the Culver theater
in your back yard like party over here
I used to dream I was a star like DJ quick
as a teen as soon as I got my car
I went to t.j. Quick
With no self-respect
trying to put a hickey on a hood rat's neck
Trying to say anything just to have sex
Trying to look sober at the border check
Pop that hip hop out pop that kroq in
I was a new wave rapper before it was a trend
Back when my hair was green and it stained my bed
Robert smith was the king and the queen is dead
Life was all about the dreams and the things you said
Nothing is as it seems and it seems so sad
I used to think that Mexicans and blacks were the only ones in the struggle
But now were all in trouble
Ain't no pain in the world that we can't takes
Sing a song to god by the way you move and shake
Take it from me I've made mistakes
But now I'm back from my break


[Verse Two]
If you're broke but you walk around with some style
Like everything is fine but the worry smile
And you wanna say I love you but you don't know how
And you're over 25 and still act like a child
If you just got caught in a lie or two
And realize you need your girlfriend more than she needs you
If your rent checks due and your care note too
Supposed to be at work at 9 and its 9:02
Beverley hills 90210 got you blue
Hater chicks trying to break you up and your boo
You go to do what you got to do to stay true
Even your crew is weak and starts to boo
But this is true this is no longer from me to you
These are the struggles that we all go through
Somebody loves you and your gonna make it through
And this is true cause I'm a make it too

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