Soopafly - I Don't Hang Lyrics

Soopafly Lyrics

I Don't Hang Lyrics
Yes yes y'all [x8]

[Verse 1:]
Ruff roughed the incredible one Soopafly come with the bomb
A pound to brake a motherf*cker down
Surrounded by subliminal thoughts to keep me criminal minded
You'll find it's hard f*ckin' with a dog that'll scar
Your whole mind body soul approach
Devastated elevated your shit never made it
However can one dare to compare a style rare from ground to air above
Showin' no love now it's the pimpin' flow
Intrests show that you ain't hittin' no mo
Your shit's gettin' old forget the past
Don't let the past pave a way to the world occupied by MCs that I slay
Affect the first when I select a verse
To hit you with the worse intention
Blast in three dimension sharp like a ginzu
Then you will understand that I split a nigga into fragments of a man
Differental from pots to pans opposition at a glance
I rate and taki' chances quick to brake like branches
I'm like a banchy on a midnight get right or get even
You're Wondering like Steven running from day light to evening
Time cause I bust shots to injure
I stay black and smooth like a ninja
It's Soopafly quick to throw them thangs
I get the money and rings motherf*ckers can't hang cause

I don't hang with no bustas
I don't hang with no fags
I don't hang with no conniving ass niggas who ain't out there makin' cash
Sho nuff don't hang with no snitches
Sho nuff don't f*ck with no bitches
I'm only out for my riches
So motherf*ckers stay the f*ck out my buisness

"Feel the beat"
"I gots to have it" [x3]

[Verse 2:]
I'm unexplanatory like Rogain
What's your name was mine
Soopafly game do or die
Death becomes those who oppose and run up
Motherf*ckers get done up on a one two come up
Evidently you've been bitin' for years
All skills to adapt to (nigga I'll pimp slap you)
My rhyme'll trap you attractin' bitches and hoes
Then developin' 51 flows
I suppose I got you runnin' like a nose
Life threat shoot out to my niggas that can't get wet
Betcha I spoke a lecture I let cha think everything's fine
Then react ina blinks time
Overdone I'm rated number one contender
The war zone engage or surrender
Now if the kicks fit nigga wear that shit
Give me a stage and microphone I'm bound to tear that shit
The f*ck up now what cha gonna do?
Take a seat or step to my mystic well then pack the concrete
Now how you gonna act? I'll lay your ass flat
It's Soopafly comin' with the shit like that

"I gots to have I cause I want it I need it" [x2]

[Verse 3:]
Now only I control thee unfold thee
Uncut and uncensored floatin' ? it's ah
Sort of like a mixture can you picture
One calm and cool one that burn like the sun?
The one two two to three
Soopafly rolls freely high to the sky
Motherf*ckas can't see me I'm skulls like a beeny
I'm disappearin' like a geney
Intoxicated off the Remy
Martin I'm startin' to box up fools by the carton
It's the one incredible fly
I fly by day droppin' bombs on thee E.P.
With Dat Nigga Daz still representin' D.P.


Waitin' baitin' for my ass to flip flop but I don't flop (flip flop) [x4]
No I don't
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