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Like It Or Not Lyrics
[Verse 1:]

It's been a while since I seen you smile
It's been a minute since I been up in it
But who can say, the sky's the limit
I seen a pretty bad woman, made me stop and pivot
Body, hair, face, nails lookin' so exqusite
Now what is it
That a pimp who never sent the key tip to the game
Now when I jump skip, a you could find me

"I am the one, blazin'
Stayin' high, Soopafly is so amazin'
I'm your baby
The penny a what the gold weighs in
Pimpin' from black, white, Puerto Rican, and asian"

Now welcome back, now wave yor hands if your feeling that
Gettin' down, smoking a pound with the mini stack
Back up, I creep up on them till they crack up
Take my time, movin' in slow but never slack up
Baby was serving me but couldn't keep the knack up
Upset cause she was drinkin' all my yack up

"Like splittin' a blunt, for you a what you want
Women don't have to front, I bid from once a month"

Three times a find ??? with Ginuwine ability to keep it coming
Now when your butt's running I'll be there to get ya (ahhh)
I play like Kodak and get the picture
I'm all down for stickin' but I can't kick it with ya
So what's poppin', you walkin', or the boots knockin'
Yeah I hear you talking girl, but I'm only down for one option


We can f*ck around a little, gettin' down a little, roll around the town a
Or we can f*ck around a lot, let me hit the spot, tell me if you like it or
La la, la la la la, la la la la, la la la la la

[Verse 2:]

I stepped in the club lookin' dippa dap
Soopafly the pimp rapper, unique with heat like the gun clapper
Comin' out the cut, from the root, and done with laughter
Quite exquisite, I make the ladies come and pay a visit

"What is it you need, baby the weed
Baby got enough to carry the feed, baby now take heed baby"

I f*ck around with top notch, top ho's
Ho's with top clothes, money hungry now stop ho
Just because I walk in the club don't mean I'm spending a dub on you
This money's mine, think I'm actin' funny fine
I can lay back and sip the wine
She's down, you can tell her for real, I work for mine
You confused

"What can't you find, feelin' past your prime [???] your time away
Given the time of day"

Whoever can display the sweet smooth array
Soopafly will never pay, make 'em say hey hey hey
Get enhanced, to get to know me you take a chance
Tree by my top, leave or

"We can f*ck around for a minute or two"
To get with you is like I'm
"feelin' it, dealin' it"
And later on I'm
"killin' it"

Baby told me her clit was like ice so let me chill on it
Hit that ass until it was blue, had her crip walkin'
Knocked her ass out no doubt, no more shit talkin
Who can deny that Soopafly was at your door knockin'

"Let me in"

You can even invite your friends, but this shit costs baby (costs baby)
Don't get lost baby (don't get lost baby)
I'm only here for the cash it's not for you
I wanna keep it true, like a nigga supposed to do


[Verse 3:]

Now would the game be different or the same
If I surcame the temptation to play a ho
Kick it in to lay a ho
What that for, hell motherf*ckin' no
Give them money that's mine, hell motherf*ckin' no
Ho gotta pay me to play it, let alone lay it
Just because I'm runnin' this town you picked the wrong mayor
Couldn't even get me to pitch in on a telly
Askin' from me, ha ha I broke her down like R. Kelly
I said, no no no no no no no, no no no no no no no (everybody)
no no no no no no no, no no no no no no no
Not even cheeseburgers
Didn't know that Soopafly can sing, shinin' like these diamond rings
Who keeps bringing the heat
Who dropped her off in the street
Who rock it unique
Who popped the soft in the freak
Whoever it be

"Livin' in the world [???] probably"

It's definately livin' the dream, definately you could check the means
Why I don't pay
Aint no limit to tellin what Soopafly might say (might say)

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