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Soopafly Lyrics

Playin Games Lyrics
Check it out it's like 1, 2, 3, 4 to 5
Soopafly, ready got's to give it to you live
With an ounce to smoke, we choke the bomb choke
Pass off the locs, in the back where they slap on crack of c notes
Hop back in a g ride, eastside bound, nigga dogg pound
Homies all around, hop op the top
they trip you know we coming with that gangsta shit
Niggaz don't play game with us
we aint playing when cock back, aim an bust hoes too
You hoes don't call, but really hoes do
If you wouldn't shown that cock I would had never notice you
Mama told me if god all the thanx
but when he comes to paying bitch I'm bankrupt
Yall know how yall could play them fools
well trick bitch we can play that too
Twice as much I can give a f*ck

[Chorus: Soopafly]
Don't play no games with me
Bitch you doing about as same as me
Why you got the gun cocking at me
You aint nothing that you claim to be
Don't play no games with me
Bitch you doing about as same as me
Why you got the gun cocking at me
Bitch you aint nothing that you claim to be

I doubt if anybody really can stop the flow
I roll up a nigga up blunt, like I knock a mow
I played the game and watch you grow
I catch the medicine bitch and let go
I tell ya chicken in an minute "she aint the shit"
I bet soopafly, nigga you can't get with
I take ya self esteem, I'll put all up in shame
I Try to mess before yall niggaz, who just cant hang
Can't tell you one time fool, pick up yo game
Respect the boss nigga, recognize the name
S double o-p-a-f-l-y don't you ever ever step up to me don't you try
I wouldn't know to kissing girls, but I make them cry
Until you f*ck with my shit, you bouts to die
I make a nigga ride slow, he got's to know
It's bad f*cking with the d-o double g p-o
You and dee biting shit grou nee
We bout to get into some shit that's boop nee
I roll the bay with legit and mac shawn
I f*ck a bad little bitch in the back lawn
Im not to real, but its time for some action
I roll that cock to the night and the crack of dawn


Girl Child and Women
Child - Did my daddy to tell you to leave, now leave
Child - I don't like you anyway, just leave
Women - But I love your daddy
Child - Oh please

[Women Crying]
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