Soopafly - Way 2 Often Lyrics

Soopafly Lyrics

Way 2 Often Lyrics
(feat. Kurupt)

[Verse One: Soopafly]
Now what I'm not gettin is why you
Can't understand you can't rock a mic like I do
I f*ck around wit niggas but then they try too
Take advantage take forgranted so I slid through
With the automatic to stay on deck dust some niggas
I always look them in the eyes can't trust niggas
I'm being real what you see 'n Soop-a-fly
Don't be gone for some shit it's do or die
I be hangin wit niggas love do the gangsta walk
When we bust, hush hit it that's gangsta talk
I f*ck a hoe every now and then but then don't pay
I'm actin funny wit my money un un no way
Now if you think you ran into some riches wrong way
Trun around but you can still hit this bong maine
I roll aroung throw the hood wit the top down
Hit the switches full the bitches make me drop down
Jealous niggas be hatin can't stop the sound
Ask em' where I from hit em' up DOGG POUND
and the game what we blast just to maintain
and the weed alcohol got us insaine
You can ??? but some time you gotta feel the pain
When we drop the kick bumpin in your system maine

[Hook: Soopafly]
It's like way 2 often, I keep rockin
All my niggas that can hear my beat knockin
Pimp strutin as I'm walkin say what
Hearin all my bitches talkin'

It's like way to often, I keep rickin
All my niggas that can hear my beat knockin'
Pimp strutin I hear all my niggas talkin
At the party all the homies C-walkin

[Verse Two: Soopafly]
I make a left on Alantic the I ride by
See my niggas from the pound so I slide by
Say what's happin' to this niggas that don't now mine
Name in my game give a f*ck I'm so high
Ran out to get the plant out the swoop blue
What's happin nigga a crackin with that Whoopty Whoop
Hit the back shack step to this rat the crack
Laid down the game can't stop the mack
I say I'm a pimp and I am
Hard on a hoe make her say got damn
They say whut you want I say girl why pick
They say give them cash I say eat my dick
I hung back up in to my Lincoln beat knocks
I need some body roll up my weed what's up
Rolled two joints a blunt leave the stash in front
While I turned up the heat give them what they want
It's like

[Hook: Soopafly]

[Verse Three: Kurupt]
You now how gangstas do all we do is make ends
And every thing ain't ours nigga take n'
Saw your bitch and she want to eat a fat dick
Make a nigga drip the head an blast shit
All the homies C-Walkin in the parkin lot
We in khakis blast niggas in Karol Kinis
Nigga this is a gangsta party
and you ain't supposed to be hear
Nigga best to beware ne prepared look it hear
I'm a tell you how G'z do
Did with the chrome and ?????
Sooafly and Kurupt and we back again
If you trip then quit gang bang blood and Cyrpt
Come equipt or don't come at to the strip
Or you might get hit with shit that make ya flip
and if that ain't the case I'm gonna tell you to your face
After sunshine on my paw f*ck all ya'll

[Hook: Soopafly]

[Soopafly talking]
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