Soul Supreme - Respect Life Lyrics

Soul Supreme Lyrics

Respect Life Lyrics
(feat. Electric Co.)

Always keep it movin
You don't know what's gonna happen
You can't live day by day
You gotta plan ahead
Word up
If not: lost cause
You know what I'm sayin

So many things like to winter going to the spring
The birds are back in the morning I can hear 'em sing
Remembering when I was still in Elementary
My older brother woke up an hour ahead of me
Pumpin DMC, Rakim and Eric B
Too young to really know what it meant to me
Essentially altering my whole destiny
I'd be sleeping he did there to mess with me
We might box or wrestle to test the strength of me
It's all love, all love in the family
My pops jetted, my moms did everything
I know we struggled but I appreciate the memories
The wind blows in the sunshine steadily
It might rain but it's only temporary
The seasons change but there's always February
In order in joy pain is necessary
It's all relative like Einstein legendary
Respect life, why put yourself in jeopardy?

It was a sunny day I thought of let my thoughts run away
Yeah, I thought of let my thoughts run away
Although I need 'em sometimes I appreciate the freedom
Cause life is like a TV and every day's a re-run
Memorize the pattern when I quarterfy the character
See the aftermath we know exactly what was happening
Traveling imbalanced in my logic to check mines
By varying the topics extending my clan
Who want change but don't have a cup in their hands
We got a few and expand in a couple of jams
Yo I spit in a way that everyone can understand
It's critical, damn I'm not the average brother man
I'm not the Dow Joe for those who don't know or wondering
Tell 'em that I'll soon come and my thoughts cover land
Become the one like embracing every line in ya map
Maneuver right, through the night, choosing light over darkness
I said it but reiterate it's wonderful discovering self
I need mental prosperity, wealth
Knowledge and such, cause my thoughts didn't wonder as much
But it's a blessing so I'm dealing with the patterns of life

It's a blessing so I'm dealing with the patterns of life

Remember the days of your innocence
When your world was based on simple things and your spirit could live again
Time wasn't a factor, important things didn't matter
And talk of politics was chitter chatter
Looking back at the ways of an infant
When emotion was free to roam and freedom was home
You can wish on a star while I spit words of imagination
Appreciating every breath I'm taking with patience
Decision making was nothing more than a game
And the only thing you had to loose is what you had to gain
Pleasure or pain, the summer would rain
And some of us was fortunate to have another to blame
I use my voice as a vehicle they're one in the same
So you can travel, unravel through the thoughts of my brain
Insight, I give you light to see the source of my aim
I hope that you can appreciate what your future contains

The moral the song is to appreciate life
And take a look at who you are because so many live trife
So many problems, so many lost in the maze
That it's easy to forget about the good old day

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