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Soundscape Lyrics

Listeners Lyrics
I'm introspective and introverted
So it ain't nothin' to drop an introduction
The introduction goes how I word it
A lot of my concepts have been concerted
So it's not consequence that I'm confident
You feel the ambiance, become confidants
Confederate flags hang high down here
Where we hung many a year
A mint of terms to endear
Doubtless currency
Can't oust this prince up south, invincible
Everybody's callin' you Vince
I'm a winner so they started callin' me Victor
But I say we all just stick to
Bavu Adimu Malika Blakes (thanks, man)
No I'm witcha we finna' like paint a picture
Resonate like seashell sounds, near effortless
Or so it seems, perception is reality
Still definite

I seduce you by the ears, listeners
Nice and tight because I've been at it for years, listeners
Anyone able to hear, listen up, listeners
As if it wasn't evident
I'm on a never half-hesitant mission of
National noise without fear listeners
That natural poise image clear listeners
Unmistakably me, wordsmith, standout, straight adidas
never gearshift, never see me with my hand out
I been, working on my own career, listeners
And now, playing with somebody's money's near, listeners
Oughta be audibly attractive back to the rear in the club, listeners
Go 'head and get your buzz
I'm fully aware of what my verb sack does
It makes females prefer to feel my big diction
But I'd be ignorant to use that metaphor for
How dudes be diggin' it
Gleam megawatt hot filaments
Imaginary figments can't f wit' it
Among jiggy whippersnappers
Down to tacky Punky Brewster rappers
Still definite

Hazardous to whole hemispheres, listeners
Dazzle crowds, control interference, listeners
Listen up, I point a sista out in the crowd
I'm so excited
My black folks together proud although divided
A track just lacks a flow I'll write it
Or stand up and automatically put it
Down and it'll be altogether good it
Pounds in my center
Begins up in my inner
Even a winner will lose if he ill-prepares, listeners
We oughta stop all that mean mouth twisting, us
Just actin' a fool, if you keep your head steady
I promise to put it on tilt quick when you're ready
Start when you're ready rappers
When it's worth your time
My flow blows with the wind
And it's like I'm the chime, listeners
Performing it well because I'm preppin' it
Becomin' your preference to spit skill
Still definite

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