South Circle - Intro Lyrics

South Circle Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
[whispered] South Circle [x8]

Swervin at miznight I'm deadly
Holdin machetes for murder weapons don't look back nigga keep on steppin
Seventeen seconds from the slammer
But I'm badder than Montana droppin grammar like a sledgehammer
Deeper than submarines nigga take your last breath
Then catch hell like Lucifer when I be blastin Tecs
This ain't no freestyle it's real now
Stackin Penny's like Hardaway it's hard to play with the ill child

No smiles, strictly business as we hit the ave
Do a neighbor and No Limit did the aftermath
I mash, your field into half
Two crooks on the dash *it's all about the cash*
Crash courses with the sources of sin
No love for any woman, no love for any men
Adrenalin stimulates my suspicion
of good intention, cause these fools got ambition
Facin the fatal word, be on the lookout
You'll get took out, when me and Mike put out
dope, can't cope, we killin em
Now witness, the murderizm

[whispered] South Circle [x2]

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