Southside Playaz - Drama Lyrics

Southside Playaz Lyrics

Drama Lyrics
F*ck who, f*ck you nigga [x4]

F*ck who, f*ck you nigga
(bring on the drama)
F*ck who, f*ck you nigga
(bring on the drama)
F*ck who, f*ck you nigga
(bring on the drama
I ain't barring nan nigga, and his mama)

[Mike D:]
Lay the f*ck down, your blood done stepped down you sitting fat
Down South, with my dick in your mouth
Lil' Troy I'll whip your buns baby cuz, so come with it
Wet your friendly ass up, and watch this HK start zipping
Your boys look like a comma, when I come through dipping
Light up that whole block, when this Playa start spitting
Boy you get no love, playing tag-team snitching
Dump that boy in a ditch, and let him sleep with the fishes
Maybe in the streets, gon get a little vicious
We know you wired up, and got the FED's snapping pictures
We well up on our toes, do this thang not split us
I can't chill wit ya, so I guess I'll deal with ya


[Mr. 3-2:]
2000 popped off, and it's war in the streets
Friends turned enemies, the game don went deep
So ready I have my heat, for all you niggaz plotting
Pumps and AK's spray, when the cops start dropping
Southside body rocking, shit bout to get bloody
I'm on endo, and my drank still muddy
You hoe ass niggaz is funny guddy, bitch so take it like that
Cause I'm still wondering what happened, to my nigga Fat Pat
It's our way and respected these streets, and big heads
While snitches crossed the line us, and working with the FED's
In the sight of the infrared, now you marked for death
So be your ever f*cking cool, you better watch your step
Love and go left, now the Boss got plex
I'ma bring the drama, and put your mama in a dress
Hollow tips to the chest, body wounds you dead
Should of watched what you said, now I got prices on your head


Can't no motherf*cker tell me bout drama, cause I lived it
Niggaz jumped off of that line, back in it
Toe to toe, I'll sneak a hoe and straight steal him
Bitches gotta accept the cards, that we dealing
Tired of these motherf*ckers, talking down and grinning
Prop tint, represent expo spinning
First affiliation we see, slugs in him
Lord forgive us we sinning, street life we in it
That's the price you gotta pay, if you wanna stay independent
Four star Laf-Tex, ride gorgeous in it
If it's on come on nigga, let us know that it's on
Cause they know we ain't barring nan nigga, or his T-Jones
It's bitches out here helping FED's, set up or phone
For that I'm strapped, under your bed up at your home
Your orders, you so suck a f*cking gang of dick
You better watch for the hit, and who you hanging with


Look out nigga it's on, Mike D is home nigga
It's official nigga, the war done just started nigga
You might as well get your pairs, and load em up nigga
Load your raggedy motherf*ckers up
Cause it's on on sight nigga, and I ain't barring nan nigga and his mama nigga
You lil' snitch bitch, telling on every motherf*cking rider here
You god damn K-Mart, Puff Daddy "Wanna be a Baller" motherf*cker
You wanna be a baller so bad, motherf*cker
That you told on everybody, get your lil' eighteen months
You lil' bitch, the war is on Laf-Tex riders nigga and it's on
Get your bitch ass, across the state line or somewhere

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