Special Ed - Club Scene Lyrics

Special Ed Lyrics

Club Scene Lyrics
(feat. Kazaam)

[Special Ed]
This is not just a hip-hop gig
It's club, it's pop, it's big, you dig?
No small-time, no small rhyme
I won't fall at all, cause I'm
Supported, nothin is extorted
I know you can hear it but can you afford it?
I bet you caught it, stole it, hold it
Don't you know the law detest such acts?
First you purchase, then pay tax
Not take take free and step
Jail is where your kind is kept
It's like a party, know what I mean?
As a matter of fact call it the club scene

(Dance, I know you got the feeling
I know you got the feeling
Let's dance)

[Special Ed]
I'm Special Ed, this is Kazaam
This is not just a hip-hop jam
We came like a spark to ignite
Explode into a mode like dynamite
Head-on, full blast
Thread on and I'ma get on your ass
Then let you go
And give it to Kazaam, yo

I'm Kazaam, and I'm next
Ed gave the tag, here's the suplex
Here's the pin - we win
Do i have to get physical when we're in
A battle, it's supposed to be pleasant
Not the annihilation of a peasant
I'm a lady, know what I mean?
Don't get fed Ed, this is the club scene

(It's not over) (over) (over)

[Special Ed]
Alright Kazaam, I'ma chill
I understand but I can and will
Get ill
Yo Ed, just groove it
And nothin movin
Nothin to be proven
Can't nobody take what's yours
[Special Ed]
Yeah, I know cause I'ma break some jaws
And bones ,forget sticks and stones
Don't take no shorts, don't give no loans
Well anyway, how much does a penny weigh?
Take your cheap thought, you don't get any say
So shove it
Yo Kazaam, do you like it?
I love it, I adore it
Hit it, I'm with it, I'm all for it
All against, commence to get overthrown
I'm on the microphone
Therefore, near or afar
When I do a show leave the door ajar
Cause the heat I generate boils water
I can burn any rhyme you ever thought of
No sweat, no Keith
No joke, no smile, no teeth
Yo Ed, tell em what I mean
[Special Ed]
Grow up boy, this is the club scene

Check it out
Take the record out
Put it on the wheels
Tell me how it feels
What is the texture, is it soft or hard?
If it's soft take it off, then throw it in the yard
Let a crackhead sell it
If it's hard memorize it and spell it
Every last sentence
Attend every show I take your attendance
But don't cut out
Because you might fail and your mother might shout
And scream and get real mean
And go (go) no more of that club scene!

(Rock your body, ro-rock your body)

(It's) (over)

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