Sqad Up - Headachin' Lyrics

Sqad Up Lyrics

Headachin' Lyrics
(feat. Lil' Flip)

[Intro: J. Gudda]
Get a crack of that, the headache
Crack Tracks, yea-yea-whoa-yea
yea - It's Sqad Up, Double G yea
Nut da Kidd, Lil' Flip - lets do it
yea - lets do it - yea - yea
they ain't ready for this one-yea-yea

[J. Gudda:]
yea - Gudda Gudda do his thang in here
24 inch ankles make the pavement crankle
Bang you, with that .8 - watch his face get wrinkle
Bitch make way for a gangsta - Double G
I aim k's blaze your face in trouble me
I got the whole hood - loving me
Cause I'm a young f*ckin' G
Money Young'n team, hustle hard for the green
Come through, leaning in that muscle car 23's
Mr. SQ - thats who I be
You can't stop the kid - I'm the new Ali
Whoa - lil' wo' flow hard like ol' school cars
School nigga bought my bars from '02 Rod
I come through in a porsche with no top
Rocking SQ wear, Air Force's with no socks
Boy, I'ma Hot Boy, nah I'ma Sqad boy
SQ mob boy - all the time hot boy

[Hook x2: J. Gudda + Lil' Flip]
[G:] We hustlin' [F:] We grindin'
[G:] We stack chips [F:] We shinnin'
[G:] We blingin' [F:] Y'all blinkin'
[G:] Ya achin' (Ya headachin')

[Lil' Flip:]
I'ma stop on you block in my drop top pancake
80 carats in the clover, got your headachin'
23's on the rover got my wheels scrapin'
2 million records later and these niggaz still hatin'
But I'm prepared for the streets, so I ride with my heat
You f*ck around and get'cho dumb ass beat
Yea - its Clover G's and the Sqad boy
I'm like Rap-a-lot - I'm rollin' with a hard boy
Yea you better believe it - I ride with my people - fa sho
You play with my money - I'll kick your knee and your door
The bigger they are - the harder they fall
But now-a-days the younger they are - the harder they ball
C'mon, I know you think we just rap about ice and
How we bang different chicks every night
I'm cake-upped once the pies - get baked up
It's Flip - Nut and Gudda - we live the life of a hustler


[Peanut Flame aka Nut Da Kidd:]
20 gram wrapped 'round my wrist purchase
I, throw my George Gervin jersey out on purpose
I, hit the mall just before I hit the surface
Then I, hit'cha broad for some early morning service
Yea, born Curtis you done seen me before
I'm moving fast - I'ont be on the road
I'll be on that roll yea
Hood miss me cause I be on the road
They understand I'm just busy my dough
My streets or the code - yea
Ghetto fabolous though I'm above average
Still rock my 10 dollar 9th Ward necklace
Still roaming the streets like I ain't a investment
Your eyeing my possession - but my eye in my possession
Yea sometimes a no protection
Man thats just the kind of respect that I get
I'm the kidd-kidd, like these people just behind - but I'm not scurred
Cause they just following me to my concert

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