Static Major - Deeper Lyrics

Static Major Lyrics

Deeper Lyrics
I love it when you push it back
When I'm making love to you
And baby when you bite your lip
I Wanna go deeper, deeper, deeper
Keep on pushing back(Keep on pushing back)
Just keep on pushin back(just keep on pushing back)
And I'll deeper for you babe
Can I go deeper bay bay

[Verse 1:]
Girl I love the way you read my mind
The way you always know when I wanna grind
Girl you know I always Satisfy on the first time
Second and third time
Girl your sweating just as hard and me
Pumping as hard as me
Want it as bad as me
I'll make sure that you get yours before I get mine
I'm in the mood tonight


[Verse 2:]
Can I play it like a Submarine
Or take it all the way down to the bottom
I wanna see you shaking at the knees
Hiding you face under the pillow
Girl I see you ain't holding back and I ain't holding back
Who needs tomorrow
Cause tonight your getting all of me
Make your body follow me like it's apart of me


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