Steady Mobb'n - Hit A Lick Lyrics

Steady Mobb'n Lyrics

Hit A Lick Lyrics
(feat. Prime Suspects)

[New 9]
We done hit a lick, open up shop
Clear the block, we bout to make this motherf*cker hot [x2]

The catie was the toolie that we chose for duty
Came up on some bricks, the Mob and PS in some gangsta shit again
The Bay and gumbo connectin, bloody murder
Left him on the curb, heard he smoked plenty herb
That's the brother of the nigga in the last song
We gots to do em, talkin to niggas don't last long
Get your brother spanked takin it back, settin shop
Watch it rock, clear the way cause I'm ready to spray
Uzi man represent raw until I die
Parkway, raise up, where we hang all night
On the flight, Two For One's got them blocks on bump
Heads up, here the law comes (woooooo)

[Billy Bavgate]
Kaboom, I'm Bavgate the cleaner, I'm kickin in your door
Everybody freeze, and lay down on the floor
I heard you got some loochie through a hoe
I'm fresh out the penn, I need some dough, I ain't playin no more
Cause it's real bitch give up the jewels
'Fore they find your ass stankin in the Oakland hills

[New 9]
[Chorus x2]

Wholesale, we done rock this nigga's bell
Another legendary gangsta story to tell
Like a rollin over a bounty here
PS and Steady Mobb'n knock the roof off the kitchen
Now I open up shop, the hot potatoes gone for half a knot
That's how you do it when everything is a profit
Then lay it low for a week or four
Then back door in it's drop, who lookin to score
Recognize a villian, knock him off his tippy toes I'm livin
Gotham City, the nappy headed go get em
Bumpin how you figure, by the young Soulja Slim
And you know we livin right, now put that corn in the wind

[Crooked Eye]
Nigga let's rock it up, any violations we pop it up
So put the brick on the table nigga, let's chop it up
Ghetto D, with the Suspects and the M-O-B
Havin money, stayin strapped with heat
So nigga buck the cops, cause we settin up shop
Got the whole block hot from the ice cream shop
And we sowin it up from the south to the west
Them Black Mafia niggas and the gangsta PS

[New 9]
[Chorus x4]

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