Steady Mobb'n - No One Lyrics

Steady Mobb'n Lyrics

No One Lyrics
(feat. Peaches, Silkk the Shocker)

[Silkk the Shocker]
Yo yo, whassup?
You know who this is.
Ha ha, now I'm tryin to do somethin.
You tryin to do somethin?
It's cool.
Oh yeah, bring your friends too cause uh.
I got Steady Mobb'n with me.
We No Limit niggas, ya heard me?
Nobody do it better then we do it.
So hollar at me, ya heard me?

I'm tryin to catch you when your by yourself
Cause you can f*ck me like nobody else
Come on and get some of my love
Slide your stick inside my glove
Your the one I'm thinkin of baby
No one can f*ck me better

[Billy Bavgate]
Lust me baby, f*ck me baby, suck me baby, Bavgate crazy
In the limosiune, call me the king, I push cream
I got a gang of motherf*ckers who be sellin my greens
They be tryin to put the pussy on me, she f*cked my homie
They switched, now I'm beatin her down with the steel
Bavgate I gotta get mine, now I'm makin her wet
Now we came at the same time, she makin me sweat
Cause thugs need love
I love it when you dancin real freaky in the club
I know you wanna f*ck with me
Cause I gotta little weed, I need a back rub
Can I dick you down at the hot tub
I like it when she givin it up
I'm rubbin the butt, I'm all in the guts, she makin me cum
This hennessey got this girl feelin me
I'm a No Limit freak, she got some nice titties
Attitude shitty but it's makin me hard
Her body's so fine it's like I'm f*ckin a star
I wanna do it in the car
[???] with the g strings make a nigga dick hard


It's twelve at night and my insides are tight
You got me tweakin as we speakin boy you know I just might
Put it on ya like no one has ever done you before
Turn off the light, unplug the phone, we bout to f*ck on the floor

[Crooked Eye]
Get me full of the remmy, you'll cum back to back
The X-O get me horny, I don't know how to act
Candle light all around while I work up a sweat
Rubbin my bald head while your tongue kiss my neck

I'm a ride you till my pussy can't take no more
Just grab my waist insides you brace so you keep up with my flow
I'm a soldier goin to war when it comes down to f*ckin
I make you shiver, moan and quiver, lose your breath while you nuttin

[Crooked Eye]
Switch it up, let a thug go and bang it from the back
Waitin pretty plus I'm lovin how your pussy is fat
I'm a soldier, thought I told ya, take it, don't run
All this squirmin and moanin, you bout to make me cum

Come on now baby don't cum to fast
I got the bomb nigga strung, you ain't heard bout my past

[Crooked Eye]
Don't worry bout it, Alphons just begun
Rubber fittin hella tight plus my dick is numb

I keep a dick [????] while I'm grindin and bumpin
Let's take it home and get it on, Ms. Peaches tryin a f*ck somethin

[Crooked Eye]
Lemme give it to you baby first fast then slow
Creepin on the late night so your man don't know

No one can f*ck me better than you
No one can f*ck me better than you
No one can f*ck me better than you

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