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Steve Fox Lyrics

Dream On Lyrics
Hey, cricket, keep it down
I'm trying to get some sleep right now
And nobody wants to hear your sad
Lovesick, lonesome, bluesy song anyway
You say your love is gone, well mine is too
So put that fiddle away and you
Can watch me drink this amber pain reliever
And in a little while I won't even need her

Then again, if she ever does come rolling up
I've left a space beside my car out in the drive
I'm gonna leave her name up with mine on the mailbox just in case
And a light on so she'll know that I'm alive
Half of me knows she's gone
And the other half just wants to dream on

There's my girl looking at me
From a photo on a beach about '93
Her head's thrown back, she's laughing
Looks like leaving me was the last thing on her mind
It just makes me want to dream some more
That someday she'll walk through that door
But there's two of me, one on either shoulder
One's whispering, forget it man, it's over

(Repeat Chorus)

Dream on
Man, she's gone

(Repeat Chorus)

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