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From the Album So Familiar (2015) (buy at
So Familiar
So Familiar
Always Will
Way Back In The Day
Won't Go Back
I'm By Your Side
I Had A Vision
I Have You
Another Round
Mine All Mine
Heart Of The Dreamer
My Baby

From the Album Love Has Come For You (2013) (with Edie Brickell)
(buy at
Love Has Come For You [with Edie Brickell]
When You Get To Asheville
Get Along Stray Dog
Love Has Come For You
Friend Of Mine
Siamese Cat
Yes She Did
Sarah Jane And The Iron Mountain Baby
King Of Boys
Sun's Gonna Shine
Who You Gonna Take?
Remember Me This Way

From the Album Rare Bird Alert (2011) (buy at
Rare Bird Alert
Rare Bird Alert
Yellow-Backed Fly
Best Love
Northern Island
Go Away, Stop, Turn Around, Come Back
Jubilation Day
More Bad Weather On The Way
The Great Remember (For Nancy)
Women Like To Slow Dance
Hide Behind A Rock
Atheists Don't Have No Songs
King Tut

From the Album The Crow: New Songs For The Five-String Banjo (2009) (buy at
The Crow: New Songs For The Five-String Banjo
Daddy Played The Banjo
Pitkin County Turnaround
Hoedown At Alice's
Late For School
Tin Roof
Freddie's Lilt
Pretty Flowers
Wally On The Run
Words Unspoken
Saga Of The Old West
Clawhammer Medley
Calico Train
Banana Banjo
Blue River Waltz
The Crow
Late For School (Instrumental)
The Slow Crow (Instrumental)
Calico Train (Instrumental)

From the Album The Steve Martin Brothers (1981) (buy at
The Steve Martin Brothers
American Photography
A Scientific Question
What I Believe
A Show Biz Moment
The Real Me
Love God
Make The Rent
The Gospel Maniacs
Sally Goodin'
Saga Of The Old West
John Henry
Saga (Reprise)
Pitkin County Turn Around
Hoedown At Alice's
Song Of Perfect Spaces
Freddie's Lilt, Parts I And II
Banana Banjo

From the Album Comedy Is Not Pretty! (1979) (buy at
Comedy Is Not Pretty!
Born To Be Wild
The All Being
McDonald's / Men's Underwear
Drop Thumb Medley
Cruel Shoes
Comedy Is Not Pretty
How To Meet A Girl
Jackie O. And Farrah F.
You Can Be A Millionaire

From the Album A Wild And Crazy Guy (1978) (buy at
1979 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album
I'm Feelin' It
Philosophy / Religion / College / Language
Creativity In Action / I'm In The Mood For Love
A Wild And Crazy Guy
A Charitable Kind Of Guy
An Expose
Cat Handcuffs
You Naive Americans
My Real Name
King Tut

From the Album Let's Get Small (1977) (buy at
1978 Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album
Ramblin' Man / Theme From Ramblin' Man
Let's Get Small
One Way To Leave Your Lover
Mad At My Mother
Excuse Me
Grandmother's Song
Funny Comedy Gags

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Playing With The Big Boys

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