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Girl Trouble Lyrics
It was this girl I met long time ago
Well I was dressed to impress on my way to a show
I had my Balley's clean, my pants were creased
Like Mastercard, I couldn't leave my house without my piece
Put on my coat, started high-stepping down the block
All souped up to go to the jam and rock
My boys pulled up and asked did I want a lift
I said, "Yeah trooper, that would be kind of swift"
So they gave me a ride, I walked right into the place
When I stepped in there, there was this fly girl in my face
I introduced myself, we got acquainted
Told her my name and she damn near fainted
Sat down togther and watched the show
The show was over, and it was finally time to go
So like a gentlemen, let the girl out the door first
Looked at her big boobs, it was about to burst
That really drove me crazy, we walked up her house
She sat down on the bed and took off her blouse
I started kissing her, and then she got sweaty
Looked her eye to eye and said "Honey are you ready?"
So off went her clothes, she was hot as fire
I said, "You wanna do it? Whatever you desire!"
I tried to put my thing in, she said "Hell no"
But if she does anything, she'll have to go low
Jumped up quick, I told the girl to leave
Said said "Why so soon I got to leave Mr. Steve?"
I said, "Honey, I know you're really on fire
And getting burnt isn't my biggest desire"
So she got mad and walked away out the back
I said, "Please sweetheart, won't you please come back?"
She walked out and I slammed the door
And yo that was the last I seen of that whore

[Scratched x2] "Girls, girls, girls girls, girls I can't ignore"

"Aiight Ste, on the strength man, you told everybody about the time
you dissed a girl, now tell everybody about the time a girl dissed you"

Well, I called her up the next day
She said "Yo Stezo I have something to say"
I said, "Please, I'm coming over to kiss you"
She said, "Come on, I'm gonna diss you"
Threw on some clothes and jumped on the 3
Got to the spot, some brothers looking at me
Headed upstairs, all eyes were on my pockets
Scoping my rings, my watch, and my locket
Rushed upstairs to use the telephone
Called the girl up, and yo, she wasn't home
Talked to her moms, her moms said she was fed up
Little do you know boy, you've been set up
Slowly but surely, turned around and seen eyes
And then I heard mom yo scream "Suprise!"
Then they pulled out jammies and put 'em to me
Then I thought, "Yeah, they're gonna do me"
Had no place to run, I just jetted
Heard brothers scream, "Stezo, you're gonna get it!"
Jumped in a cab and told the driver to speed
Then I got home and I forgot my keys
Tried to sneak in but the landlord caught me
Riffing so hard that he damn near fought me
Snuck in the back and locked the door
Turned on the tube and cracked a case of Coors

[Scratched x2] "Girls, girls, girls girls, girls I can't ignore"
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