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Stezo Lyrics

It's My Turn Lyrics
Extra extra, read all about it
It's me Stezo that has been doubted
I came to make you move and groove and get down
There's no way that the crowd can sit down
Off the record, this is the anthe-num
And if you're dry, I came to damp 'em
Keep dancing, all night's the minimum
To the dance floor, I'm sending 'em
Sweating and regretting that I'm the best
I'm putting dancers to the maximum test
Using and confusing beats that you've never heard
Protect my rhymes cause my rhymes are conserved
I'm your hero, not no zero
Just call me "Stezo the Fly Negro"
It's time to me to earn
So get up, cause it's my turn

Keep it to a low tone as I bring it home
This is a jam for the rhyme stone
It's an invention made up by the Stezo
I'm dropping beats on you like playing ceelo
So won't you listen and learn and keep gawking it
While the track is playing you keep talking it
Keep rocking the phone just like a cradle
Leaving you dancers on the dance floor fatal
Now pay attention my friend and let me rock this
With the 18 wheeler you can't block this
It's something crazy for the new '89ers
Whether you're a senior citizen or a minor
Another Stezo-E production making progress
Against another rapper, there's no contest
The way I'm rocking, it's my concern
Pay attention, cause it's my turn

Well on your marks, get set, it's ready let's go
Yo I'm the rap master that they call Stezo
Every time I get rhymeing, my voice gets clearer
Come up to front and you start to stare
At me, and yo I'm like acne
I pop to your face so don't try to zap me
Just listen and learn, wait your turn, step off
Or what I'm saying, is that you're really soft
Half to giggle, does it look like I'm joking?
Just like a Newport, all you suckers I'm smoking
I can reach levels from 1 to the 10
You don't believe me? That's on the strength
I do a show, after get respect
And go and pick up my royalty check
Yo when I get it, there ain't no loans
(Why Stezo?) Suckers in the danger zone
Now brace yourself cause I'm about to blast off
Ugly girls, please take the mask off
This is a style that I have learned
Wake up y'all, cause it's my turn
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