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Stezo Lyrics

To The Max Lyrics
Slow down, and yo, let the rhyme flow
And listen to the voice of Stezo
Let me explain the situation that's taught
Blame it on me, yeah, I know it's my fault
For teaching you, how to jam right
Tell you the truth, they need to ban mics
Because, I'm a danger zone
Making beats vibrate right through the bone
Not a doctor, operating
Just a rapper demonstrating
Talents to the people cause they're the facts
Just (Baby break it on down) to the max

"Baby break it on down"

Let's go, main point, I mean jet out
Rappers, yo, I'm putting heads out
Making MC's drop down to their knees
Saying "More beats please, Stezo-Eaze"
Time after time, this kids getting doper
There's no way (What way?) That you can coper with
The man with the gift
Yo Jim describe me (Swwwwwwift)
It's me Stezo selling records by the rack so
(Baby break it on down) to the max

"Baby break it on down"

Can you get with this? It's something smooth
Now it's time for Stezo to get in the groove
You've been waiting for a long time, I left you sitting
But now I know a lot of MC's are like shitting
Don't be afraid and alarmed, or just pressured
Keep it on file that Stezo-E is a treasure
I'm dangerous, show-wise I am illegal
Two birds together, I stand out like a seagull
I'm the man, I'm the one, I'm the boss
You call me for a show and I'm a tell you the cost
I'm just a principal, lounging in your high school
So homeboy yo, I just advise you to
Keep it in your skull that I'm phantom fluid
Then you finished the test, then you finally ruined
Remember, this is dope on wax so
(Baby break it on down) To the max

"Baby break it on down" [x2]

Wham, right in the kisser
There's no way you can diss the
Original rapping king sire
Believe it or not holmes, I'm not a liar
So, let's go, to the show
And see a fly brother with the tempo
Hypen up the crowd just like a coke sniff
Towing MC's away just like a boat lift
Now I'm gone, I'm long, singing a song
Call me the king, without the corn
Listen up, this is a portion of practice
Sticking MC's up just like a cactus
Meaner than ever, never been defeated
Bow down, just like a king I'm being treated
Yo crack goes your back so
(Baby break it on down) To the max

"Baby break it on down" [x2]
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