Stinkin Rich/Buck 65 - The Bassment Lyrics

Stinkin Rich/Buck 65 Lyrics

The Bassment Lyrics
I don't know what real is instead I'm a keep it linear
I'm broke in pieces though my body's getting skinnier. But um
I know some kids who want to hear them drums and plucking strings
The Famous Players from the days with all them f*cking things
I got static in more ways than seventeen
For DJ so & so and plus for the grafitti scene
The shitty kids who don't like being told the way to dress
I ain't even gonna say the names but you can probably guess
No free publicity for stupid mister you-know-what
The sheep in the meadow trying to dis 'cause of my hair cut
I don't look nothing like the fashion pages' angry faces
'Cause I do my shopping in the second hand clothing places
That's all I can afford, not that the money's gone
But I got more important things for me to spend the dollars on
Especially vinyl, to be taken home and later played
After I put groceries in the fridge and all the bills are paid
Yeah, I'm making records how I think that they're supposed to sound
A little deeper than what most people think is underground
I'm not the type to drop spaghetti sauce and yell a slogan
Flipping beats for people dancing in the clubs and voguin'
Nah, this is dedicated to the dirty rats and scum
Out there in gutter pipes, that know just where I'm coming from
There's a better place for us to go an chill
And be like doing our own type of thang-thang and still...

This is a joke
But many rappers wouldn't know
This is a joke
But most producers wouldn't know
This is a joke
A lot of DJs wouldn't know
This is a joke
I got your daughter sellin' watermelon

Still rated hardcore X and still not carin'
Down with the television set and Gil Scott Heron
We got more important issues to address and settle
Johnny Rockwell on the wheels that are made of metal
Getting sick and taking home all the contest money
The other challengers are wack and I think it's funny
I take time out of my day for long distance calls
Even though the phones are tapped and flies are on the walls
I got like stress levels out of control because of cold-hearted
Snakes and backstabbers are out here acting retarded
Yeah, I know I shouldn't let them get the best of me
'Cause when it comes to making it happen, I got the recipe
Soup or nothing, I'm dropping old fashion science
For the new recruits we got regular clients
I'm guarantee'd to always hit the hammer on the nail
I took a test to become an MC and didn't fail
In fact, now I got the qualifications for me to teach
And people come and pay to sit and listen to me give a speech
Now I'm on the corner, beatboxing and whatnot
All I want is to be able to be on a record label
F*ck that! I don't even like the way them people look
They wanna brainwash me, I don't like the way them people look!
Back in the days with bass, the excitement lasted
I left the fellas open, all the girls were flabbergasted

This is a joke
And many people still don't know
This is a joke
The boys and girls will never know
This is a joke
The senior citizens will never know
This is a joke
I got your daughter sellin' watermelon

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