Strings - Pussy Lyrics

Strings Lyrics

Pussy Lyrics
Pussy [repeated]
(This is for them muthaf*ckas that got a problem with
the word pussy this is specifically for you)

[Verse 1: Strings]

I got that get you high pussy roll over and die pussy
Talk til outspoken from the shy pussy
Televised make you cry jimmy swagger pussy
The kind that make a nigga think he can fly pussy
The why ask why tell a wife a lie pussy
The f*ck money senatorial ride pussy
Call a press conference and make a speech pussy
Change residences get the president impeached pussy
That make you weak pussy
Give you the back shock like crack rock
You tweaked pussy
That super freak pussy
A leg on the bed one on the wall
Gettin' it all pussy
That keep him shaking his head and saying hell naw pussy
When you come across you better get up on it pussy
If I had to ride with them niggaz they blew it they still want it pussy
Tight like a child work it like a vet pussy
That make a nigga so excited he get upset pussy
Take you down fast like a concord jet pussy
Smoke a cigarette where yo money place a bet pussy
That russian k.g.b.i.i. pussy
P.U.S.S. to the Y that's my pussy


Pussy rules niggaz don't understand the world is ran by pussy alone
F*ck a man everything it motivates so don't hate
pussy rules the world let me demonstrate [x2]

[Verse 2: Strings]

I'm sitting on some make em holla pussy
Bill Gates Donald Trump million dollar pussy
That keep a leash around a nigga collar pussy
Bounce like a six 4 impala turn the stupidest
Nigga into a scholar pussy
Whitney and Mariah believe in miracles pussy
Mountains peaks crown cap pinnacle pussy
The holy ghost speaking in tongue pussy
The five mics and the source classics lyrical pussy
I have a dream Martin Luther King pussy
The number 7 Bulls championship ring pussy
The sweetest thing pussy
Squeaky clean pussy
Unforeseen make a muthaf*cka wanna sing pussy
Could you be my baby's mama?
Eat that ass alive like Jeffrey Domer pussy
Action packed drama pussy
Flo Jo gold medalist Olympic pussy
Preferred terrific ghetto fab exquisite pussy
Spin on your head breakin' and pop lockin' pussy
You need to stop it if you got non-for-profit pussy
You heard I got open and third eye pussy
For god the love the rollee gave em my pussy


[Verse 3: Strings]

These are the two things that make the world go around
Money and pussy
The two things niggas kill for money and pussy
They hanging on the string of my tampon pussy
Ladies raise it up if you got the bomb pussy
The killa type untouchable Capone pussy
Gotta offer for a nigga to leave me alone pussy
The stay wet f*ck you long time pussy
Look me up aol dot com pussy
My pussy my cocha (repeated)

[Chorus: until fades]
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