Styles - Good Times (Remix) Lyrics

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Good Times (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Method Man, Redman)

Killa House
Brick City
Style P.
When Funk Doc start takin' the drag
It's like who in the hell let this ape in the lab
Breakin the glass, bottles
I'm swinging harder then cash is swung
The only kid with a Velcro, fabric thumb
Neva! dropin' the blunt
2 for fine rollin'
89 in the bricks is 15 and growin'
killa House fan, you know what it mean
It mean your sifa ain't f*ckin' wit the lord of the ring
Diggy! I pack your pipe wit nothin' but bomb
It roll on, like the Power Stripe under your arm
Oh Lord, involge
Massive indo, I'm breakin' the dress code
I ain't rockin' kenneth coles
I just came to get high with Styles
Like my, block D with wider vowels
I'm talking about A, E, I, O, U, my skills already have niggas 'prest
F*ck an interview

"I get high - high - high - high" (Every day)
"I get high - high - high - high" (Every night)
"I get HIGH on your memory, HIGH on your memory" (All the time)
"HIGH on your memory..." (Every day)
"I get high - high - high - high" (Every night)
"I get high - high - high - high" (All the time)
"I get high - high - high - high" [laughing]

I'ma blow it if it's sticky kid (what up!)
I smoke manage jars full a green like Biggy did
My pens my sagare
my bars be serious
You can't f*ck wit me dawg, point blank period
I get high and hallucinate
A pound cost 6 in New York
But its half in Miami
Nigga move your wait
My dimes be 1 point O's, 20's be 2 point 2's
Bring a snack and some fruit punch too
And you know I [*inhaling smoke*] the purple stuff
I'm so high I can piss on a cloud
And make a bird look up
Smokin' haze in the Hummer wile the bird look up
Gettin' high wit the hammer so the bird shook up
I get high like Doc and Meth
And "Let the Monkeys Out"
So I can "Bring the Pain" wile I pop ya chest
It's D block when the basters repin' (D block)
All I need is a lighter and some haze with a master collection


[Method Man]
Who ya know smoke more Earth then Tical
Hit up a weed spot
then off to the D block to smoke it wit Styles
I Fight my way up out the D-Tox
Who smoke a slip
But he dont need block, jus buds, and cumulus clouds
Pull up your Rebox
This kid is goin' - mad, rapper like D-Doc
I got trees, but I'm tryin' to smoke a little he got
If not these niggas then who (Son tell me who)
Burn a leaf and get it Hot in Herre, like Nelly do
I get high, like Mary J. is all I need to get by
Stay red eye
No need to get fly
I get rush (RUSH) when I'm rollin' 'em up
The other day I saw sonz in the theater
Kids was throwin' 'em up
I get high, high, high
Every day I get high
Yeah I get high, high, high
And every night I get high
Yeah I get high, high, high
Mr. Meth I get high
Yeah (Yeah) yeah I get high, high, high
With Styles P. I get High-ighhhhhhh


I am the Ghost
Flow with me
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