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Swoop G Lyrics

Testimonies Lyrics
(feat. 2 Scoops, Bart (3X Krazy))

[Swoop G: talking]

Mobb shit bitch, that's all them raps in my notebook finally paid off.
Testimonies of a gangsta. 9-7.

[Verse 1: 2 Scoops]

Most fantasise, I despise a nigga
who violate the game, by casting dirt upon my name
cuz I've been summoned from the vallies of hell
at the same time them shells dropped them niggas fell
you claim you ballin but I can't tell
about your bitch you fit
now you can't afford bail
like I dispose of toilet paper, I dispose of them fists
you can't f*ck wit this Mobb-stylist so keep bitin yo lip
niggas wanna see me lose but ain't no room for error
finally got a thick bitch, now you scared to share her
there's a coward umong us I detect his sent
I won't point no fingers nigga, but I said what I meant
ain't no snitches in my streets, Chris I come wit slugs
nigga wash, Tide an Bleach can't fade this thug
give it up
live it up playa expose your heart
at my best I rip flesh like a Great White shark
that's real
po-po raids and barricades can't stop us
as a shout out beg center, for AK's and choppers
in the Bay I must pray for the municable jury
there's no way man can survive the decent of my fury
I married Nina Ross
cuz she's my hoodrat pal
we got engaged the day I pulled her out that bathroom towel
I be ridin on that highway to heaven cuz I paid the toll
it costed more than a dollar so I gave my soul
the pain from my past it can't be disguised
I been baptised in fire, watch the flames in my eyes
2 Scoops assembling soldiers to ride in unison
PD's got AP's out for all us hoolagans
the dirt I've done I'd be willing to do again
as long as the bitch ass niggas I'd love to shoot again
mama raised me well wakin up to them grits
kept it real, and made all the playas praise my shit
got discovered like a fossil or the secret of the ooze
I had to steal because I refused to wear them Payless shoes
teacher told me she'll be back in a minute
I think she knows
my optimst prime lunch pale
my twamp sacks in it
I'm gettin suspicious
they askin too many questions
they know my new Pope 100's be my prized possesion
streets has got these niggas heartless
they ain't got no manners
when we run out of chronic do we resort to the bammers
sometimes I wonder my mama don't approve of me
humiliated by the fact that her son's a G
heaven has an admission and your hearts to feed
spotlight, would you please shine bright on me.

[Chorus x2: Bart]

As I get violent and physical
wit my strap to your mental
soon as I enter the reconstruction wit this 12 gage pistol
we handle the ghostrider
we live and die through these hardcore raps
heaven will find a way to follow us down this dark course path.

[Swoop G: talking]

I would like to take the time out to give credit to the cities of
Frisco, Vallejo, Oakland, Sacramento for manufacturing so many talented
niggas, and giving us money-motivated hustlas an opprotunity to pursue a
legitamate career, in this twisted game called life. I truley hope after
hearing my album, my songs will influence my fans to retire, smoke
bigger, hope for better. Don't be content wit the circumstances, cuz
most of these circumstances are only temporary. Can't nobody hold you
back from changin them. Music has given the testimonies of us gangstas a
voice. Amen.
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