Swoop G - Who Got The Gangsta Shit (Part II) Lyrics

Swoop G Lyrics

Who Got The Gangsta Shit (Part II) Lyrics
(feat. Bart of 3X Krazy, JT The Bigga Figga)

[Swoop G talking]

From the city to the Town, and back to LBC
you know this type of shit happens everyday
You know it ain't no other state that do it quite like we
cuz this type of shit happens everyday

[Verse 1: Swoop G]

Now who got the gangsta, gangsta twist?
S-W-double O-P-G back on yo list
California rollin
choppin up game on Motorolas
tuck the pistola bendin the corner
burnin the doja I done told ya
livin this California street life
make a playa think twice
or get them three strikes
an I'm knowin, you knowin that we ain't showin no fear
bangin and watchin the murder rate increase all year
Is it true?
Do Crips "C", bangin on the Bloods?
Or do California got that sticky bomb bud?
an bomb foes
pushin Lexo's
wearin fly clothes
fingers full of diamonds
wit diamonds in they nose
an brown hair
no derri're
sexy underwear
an I'm knowin
cuz panty lines showin as I stare
an all year
damn you makin love at first sight
baby you make a thug wanna love you tonight.

[Verse 2: JT The Bigga Figga]

We got the situation
we facin wit steady concentration
double six-duece produce
so hear my gangstas conversate
hardtimer, we climbin, findin reasons
crossin bridges for capers
and then there's papers needed
I feel they cheated
you leaded up out the viles wit multiple sacks, of dinero's
changin license plates on Yukon's
and old Camero's
until they knocked my plug at DMV
had my P.O. in the Bauer give 'em all of me
I'm a see
in Long Beach tucked under
gettin my perve on for the whole f*ckin summer
from the Bay to L.A.
we showin nuthin but love
wit round trip tickets wit Swoop G an big Gov.

[Verse 3: Swoop G]

Gov you hit 'em up high
JT an I hit 'em low
break 'em down to the lowest compound possible
it ain't no stoppin
when we droppin
it's destined to hit the top
mashin for the Mobb
takin over this hip-hop
droppin hits to audiences
who's havin a fit
cuz they know the G's comin wit that gangsta twist
an they love it
ain't nothin to it, but to do it
I was born in Long Beach
I'm a stay true to it
like a soldier
baby watch me show ya, I ain't a punk
roll the window down cover my strap then dump.

[Verse 4: JT Tha Bigga Figga]

Bump, bump
hit 'em wit somethin heavy make they chest jump, jump
B.A. they ain't ready for the funk

[Verse 5: Bart]

It's the Mobb
we don't bang
but we roll wit hittas
peep the sickess
I be the lyrical serpent that bit ya
how could ya figure
we ain't right Mobbin to the fullest
so I break you back to the regular
ain't no competitors to us
who'd a knew us
flossin recruiters from Oakland, to Houston
it's S-W-double O that be starrin your every movement
through the music
we stack chips and break bread
keep it listenin
I wreck yo set in every city

[Verse 6: Swoop G]

Now you don't see what I see
6 keys for a hundred g's
I take a look in the mirror
see myself livin the dream
takin over things, runnin million dolla schemes
I got a vault safe
that's full of hundred dolla stacks an all
so I got sumpthin that'll lay you on yo back
on the reala
slidin through the city and the Town
ain't no other way, but the way we put it down.

[Chorus x2: Swoop G]

From the city to the Town
and back to LBC
you know it ain't no other state that do it quite like we
Who me young Swoop
and JT Tha Bigga Figga
ridin down
mashin wit the Gov young nigga
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