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Saturn Info:

• "Saturn" is a song by American singer-songwriter SZA and the lead single of Lana (2024), the upcoming reissue of her second studio album, SOS (2022).

• It is a song about nihilism and escapism, discussing one's lamentations about why bad things happen to good people and wishes to leave Earth for another planet, Saturn, where they could possibly live a better life.

• The song was surprise-released on February 22, 2024, after its official debut at the year's Grammy Awards ceremony over a week prior.

• "Saturn" was surprise-released to streaming services on February 22, 2024, as the lead single from Lana, the reissue of SOS. The release came with a five-track bundle, which consists of the original version, a live version, a sped up version, an instrumental version, and an a cappella version.

From the Album:
from the album Lana

February 22, 2024

R&B, pop, alternative, rap


Solána Rowe, Carter Lang, Rob Bisel, Jared Solomon, Scott Zhang

Carter Lang, Rob Bisel, Solomonophonic, Monsune

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