Scene 98 (Dialogue) Lyrics by Cast

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Cast - Scene 98 (Dialogue) Lyrics
And you know why? 'Cause you're too worried about what everybody else is thinking
(Here we go)
You can't even concentrate on one f*ckin' thing, that's right
(Here we go, Jack, you want me to be your dad and be your drinking buddy?)
Yeah, you couldn't be my dad if you f*ckin' tried
He had more talent in his f*ckin' finger than you have in your whole f*ckin' body, so don't even go there about that, all right? That's over the f*ckin' line

Why don't you have another drink, and we can just get f*cking drunk until we f*ckin' disappear, okay? Hey, do you got those pills in your pocket?

You're just f*ckin' ugly, that's all

Hey you got—I'm what?

You're just f*ckin' ugly

Get the f*ck out! Get out! I said get out!

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