Trust Me (Dialogue) Lyrics by Cast

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Cast - Trust Me (Dialogue) Lyrics
[Jackson Maine & Ally & Announcer]
Thank you very much. Now isn't she great?
There's a friend of mine who, uh, came a long way to be here,
and she wrote a great song, and I'd just like her to sing it.
I think it's pretty f*cking good
How are you? You made it
I'm good, hi. How are you? It was so good
I was lucky to see you. Everything all right? The trip was fine?
I did an arrangement that was kinda not so great, but, uh,
maybe you can just take a—yeah, yeah, come on, here we go
—no I can't do that. I'm sorry. Jack, please, this is not fine.
Jack, don't go for that
All you gotta do is trust me...

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