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Nycani - Need It Lyrics

Shorty a baddie, but I cannot f*ck
'Cause she be with the opps
I get the money, I need it a lot
The streets getting cold, so I leave with a chop
We getting low 'cause the D's in the spot
We spin they block with three V's and a knocks
Niggas they chat like they be on they block, but they wasn't outside when the fiends with the rocks
My money really getting bigger
That's a whole lot of fly when I step in the spot
My homie a different type of nigga
When y'all was in school, he was out sending shots
I be with different type of hitters
They movin' real tact' when they bending through blocks
She got a different type of figure
She callin' my phone like "Give me some cock"
Y'all niggas pussy, y'all faggots
I cannot go, I ain't lackin' in traffic
Boy that's your shorty, I had it
When you get the money, they f*ck automatic
Boy let me know if it's static
We could kidnap your mother, this shit could get tragic
I'm in the field like it's Madden
And start pushin' my buttons, I will get to snapping
Go switch me up, that's boo boo, face shot, ooh woo, mandem could get brushed
She slurp me up, that's noodles, bye bye, toodles, I don't give no f*cks
I'm in the field like a goalie
I do hits by myself, boy I don't need no codeine
Y'all niggas fake and y'all phony
I was stuck in my bag, swear to God I was lonely
She tryna be my honey, I like money, I am not the one you want
Boy what the f*ck is funny? I ain't no dummy, woo walk, hit him with a taunt
We wrap 'em up, that's mummy, Loc' tried tell me, we gon' bake him like croissants
Shorty expect some from me, like she love me, don't you know I'm not your line? Hold on
You don't get it, then follow instructions
We was movin' them bricks like construction
Don't like talking, don't do no discussions
Come to the party and shoot up the function
If you got it, then why is you bluffin'?
Love my brothers, won't nobody touch 'em
What you punching? You throwin' them muffins
Know some niggas that shoot you for nothing
You don't like it, I change up the scenery
I don't care, I'm not showing no decency
What the f*ck she gon' swear me, the secrecy
Send a lil' thot to go round up they BNB
I get low, it ain't nobody peeping me
I was stuck in the trap, this was real to me
Cash App, it ain't nobody meeting me
Believe actions, not words, and I need to see
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