Wise Men and Herod Lyrics by Danny Gans; Jody McBrayer; Michael Passons; Steve Crawford

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Danny Gans; Jody McBrayer; Michael Passons; Steve Crawford - Wise Men and Herod Lyrics
The birth of this Child has not gone
unnoticed by Herod, the King of
Israel. He has been told that three
Magi, also called Wise Men, have
come to Jerusalem searching for the
Child, and so he has summoned them
to his palace.

WISE MAN #1: "King Herod. We
have traveled all the way from
Persia to Palestine on an
important search. We have come
to your palace as you requested."

HEROD: "Thank you, gentlemen. I
understand you've been asking
around Jerusalem as to the
whereabouts of a child who was
born King of the Jews."

WISE MAN #2: "Yes. We are trained
experts on the stars and have
observed an unexplainable
phenomenon. We believe we have
seen His star in the East and have
followed it here."

HEROD: "I have asked my cheif
priests and scholars to look into
this, and they have informed
me that a prophet in the
Scriptures reveals the birthplace
to be Bethlehem."

WISE MAN #3: "If this star is indeed
a sign of the Child's whereabouts,
then it must be directly
over Bethlehem."

HEROD: "Go there then and search
carefully for this Child. And
when you have found Him, bring
word back to me... so that I
might come and worship Him
also. Yes indeed... worship Him."

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