Find My Place Lyrics by Samantha Boscarino

The Clique Soundtrack Lyrics

Samantha Boscarino - Find My Place Lyrics
How did I get up here
One of the croquettes this year
What a surprise now
'Coz all that I am feelin' is kinda weird
Everyone's lookin' to me
Thinkin' how cool it must be to be popular
Oh oh oh
But I don't even know what that means
It was supposed to feel like I've been known
Like the king of the world
And did you know you could just
Play along, play along

Oh oh oh... Try to find my way, try to find my place
Oh oh oh... Try to find my way, try to find my place

I'm just as lost as you feel
Though hope is kinda so real
Don't know what comes next
'Coz all this growin' up is kinda weird

(Rep. chorus)

... I'm just tryin' to find my way, find my place
I'm gettin' skinned and I wanna fit in...

... Like no one else, wanna know myself...
... Try to find my way, I'm gonna find my place... yeah...
... Gonna be away... gonna find a place...
... Oh ooh...

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