Take Time To Love Lyrics by Chris Brown

Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack Lyrics

Chris Brown - Take Time To Love Lyrics
A Material girl,
In her own world,
Cant even see the things shes missing,
Body in the curve, a little girl, wanting to grow up and be a star
Take a look around
They aren't looking down
All these things have blurred your vision
Material things don't out run to nothing
But I know how you feel
Its hard to see you s?
It takes time
Living in a world when you dont know who's to trust
Makes time
Slow it down there ain't no bill you have to rush
Till be fine
Takes time
Takes time
To love

And now i am tell the truth, when it comes to you my lady
And its a Miracle
You have found the conchence baby
I had a plan on leaving
You came and gave a reason
And now I know the reason why

But I know how you feel

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