Paris is Paris Again Lyrics

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Paris is Paris Again Lyrics
(Performed by Corey Cott (Gaston), Howard McGillin (Honoré), Steffanie Leigh (Liane) and Parisians)

Night in the sky,
From the street comes the cry,
Of the rooster in search of a hen,
And Paris is Paris again.

Stars on their beat,
Looking down on the sweet,
Intertwining of women and men,
And Paris is Paris again.

Lovers in closets,
and shoes in the drawer,
Screams on the Rue Madeleine,
Swords in the park!
A shot in the dark!
And Paris is Spicily,
Vicily Paris again.

Moon burning bright,
and like bats in the night,
Come the well-feathered drmi-mondaine,
And Paris is Paris again.

Ladies you know,
arm in arm with ther low Classanovas,
meander the Seine,
And Paris is Paris again.

Meetings at nine,
that tomorrow will be,
Meetings with lawyers at ten,
Handfulls of hair!
A tooth on the chair!
And Paris is gallicly, phallicly
Paris again.


The song of the cuckold,
is heard in the land,
Hailing la vie Parisienne:
Joy and remorse,
delight and divorce;
And Paris is gaudily, bawdily,
Physically, Apherodisically Paris again.

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