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• Greedy" is a song by Canadian singer Tate McRae.

• The song first gained traction on the video-sharing platform TikTok, when a snippet was leaked in August 2023.In December 2022, McRae first talked about her new "era" of music, saying that she was "in the zone" for the music and determined on who she wants to be and what to do next. "Greedy" signifies a "new chapter" of music to McRae.

• She subsequently wrote "Greedy" about the "feeling of having utter confidence". She described the outcome as a "cool female empowerment song" which she loved.

• The song topped the charts in Norway and Denmark, debuting at number one in both countries. In the United States it reached the US Billboard Hot 100 No. 24.

From the Album:
Single by Tate McRae

September 15, 2023

Adult Top 40, Mainstream


Tate McRae, Amy Allen, Jasper Harris, Ryan Tedder

Jasper Harris, Ryan Tedder

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