Taylor Swift - Thug Story Lyrics

Taylor Swift Lyrics

Thug Story Lyrics
Taylor Swift ft. T-Pain

I'm like 8 foot 4. blonde hair to the floor. You shorties never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore. No I aint got a
gun, never really been in a club. Still live with my parents but I'm still a thug. I'm so gangsta you can find me baking
cookies at night. You out clubbing but I just made caramel delight. T-Swift and T-pain rappin' on the same track, it's a thug
story tell me can you handle that. I had a dream last night I had high-top Nikes, I had diamonds in my mouth and diamonds on
my mic. By the time I woke I was singing I'M ON A BOAAAAT! Cuz I'm a singer turned rapper!
T-Pain: Shawty I'ma make ya
Taylor: straight to the top, yo
T-Pain: Shawty I'ma take ya.
Taylor: You can call me T-Sweezy now I'ma rap star.
T-Pain: It's a thug story now tell 'em who you are. Singer turned gangster.
Taylor: You don't wanna fight me!
T-Pain: Straight to the top.
Taylor: In my extra-small white tee
T-Pain: T-Swift and T-Pain all up on the same track it's a thug story tell me now can you get with that.
Taylor: What!What! I knit sweaters Yo! What! What! don't test me [bleep]! Hey hold on i did'nt even say anything.
Taylor: I said "yo"
T-Pain: yup
Taylor:you guys bleeped me and i didnt even swear.
T-Pain:she didn't even swear.
Taylor:hello??? ugh

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