Tenth Avenue North - Love Is Here Lyrics

Tenth Avenue North Lyrics

Love Is Here Lyrics

From the Album: Over And Underneath

Come to the waters
You who thirst
And you'll thirst no more
Come to the father
You who work
And you'll work no more

And all you who labor in vain
And to the broken and shamed

Love is here
Love is now
Love is pouring from his hands
From his brow
Love is near
It satisfies
Streams of mercy flowing from his side
Cause love is here

Come to the treasure
You who search
And you'll search no more
Come to the lover
You who want
And you'll want no more

And to the bruised and fallen
Captives bound and brokenhearted
He is the Lord, he is the Lord
By his stripes he's paid our ransom
From his wounds we drink salvation
He is the Lord, he is the Lord

[Thanks to shark_2626 for adding these lyrics]

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