Three 6 Mafia - All or Nothin Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

All or Nothin Lyrics
[Lord Infamous]
Gotta have a big back
Bank account not pitty amounts
Bud by the pound
Smoke a mothaf*ckin' ounce
A mean ass crib
All digital studio
And some down ass hoes for the road
I want it all or nothin'
I want it all or nothin'
They bitches with a punch bowl of weed
I call it bud in bed
On the spread
Plenty cash
Dumpin' blunt ashes on they ass
A bed with hydrolix
Liqour cause I'm alcoholic
No college for my knowlege
Cause I knew how to make profits
Don't like expensive clothes
Just the gangsta aparrel
Grab my route foul
As I walk down the threshold
Black as a shadow
Smoke loc vehicle
Hit Triple 6 up on my motorola portable
Keepin' it key low pro flow
In the studio
Part time jiggalo
Rock a show to make some dough
Lord Infamous
Mafios a gangsta pimp playa
Got on my brand new scarecrow underwear
600 acre marajuana field in my backyard
Smokin banana leaves on my lawn chair
Playa cause a room
Full of mothaf*ckin' bombs and artillery
All f*ckin' century I need

Plenty money and dope
Alot of fine hoes
A fresh car and crib
That's how I like to live
I want it all or nothin'

[Juicy "J"]
Back in the days I was broke
No joke
F*cked up in town
No g's no hope
A nigga used to hike home from school
On the bike trail
Wishin' one day this rap shit'll probably make me bail
Lil' ??? was the niggas I used to hang with
Andre and Big Trese
North Memphis bound bitch
Hangin' on Evergreen corners
Holdin' my f*ckin' nuts
Watchin' freaks walk by
Sayin dirty bitch wassup
But they wasn't goin'
Cause they want a nigga sellin' yam
A mean four way
With the grain wood his ass in
95.0 chevy thang with the vogues
But I used to catch the bus
and lounge and the china store
I just couldn't wait
Tryin' to rap to get my final break
Juicy "J" AKA The Juice I want it on my tape
Sell and make money
So the niggas in my hood'll know
Any one wanna ride I'll be singin' this chorus


[DJ Paul]
In the 9-5
I decided f*ck this underground tape shit
Stack some cheese
So quit puts on my disses
Tryin' to break bitch
Kinda quick kinda fast
To a bigger studio
Bullshit producers tryin' to f*ck me up my asshole
Tradin' ass niggas sayin' they do
Just enough for me
If you ain't for real
Then keep it to yourself
Cause see I ain't got time
plus aint in a mood for playin no f*ckin games
you cross me somethin and I dont get it
I gotta lay it down
But I ain't and I'm not nigga
I gotta make more than I did in the 9
For whatever it takes it wont be easy
Cause in they never why
In dough it better stay like this
Or get greater
Cause if a nigga f*ck me now
I promise he pay for it later
That's why I beat you to my game
And I learned the business
Cause you will straight be missin'
Without a witness
I want a pound of weed
And a candy face in the den
A bank account readin' a mill
And a 95 Benz


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