Three 6 Mafia - Anyone Out There Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Anyone Out There Lyrics
[juicy "j"]
One cold winter of many tales
Trails of blood left in frozen snow
A family slaughtered by a loved one, forgive scarecrow
I turned against god and everything that i cared for most
Police arrived, candle light, butcher knives, bloody bedposts
Found staked on the floor soaked in evidence of the root of violence
Only a teen, sent to spend my final life in an insane asylum
So furious of past, i'm an adult i feel better now
But no matter, i tell them that i know they'll never let me out
I rot in this dread, my only world's the one in my head
I hate psycho-therapists, i walk amongst walking dead
Everday, yes every-single day, peepin' ways to escape
I got to find a way out this place, it's a must, got to find a way
I'm pullin hair up out my freakin' head yo
They trippin' cause a nigga put his ass in a choke hold
I wanna go psycho and kick this mutha f*ckin' force boi
In a padded room i know i'll never get up out this hole
I'm pacin' back and forth across this room
I gotta think of somethin, man i got to make a move
The day i killed my f*ckin' family in a week or two
I got to get up back out there i wanna do it again fool
Gettin' cool with the old ass maintence man
I told him "if you help me out i'd put a lotta papes in your hand
I stashed a lotta dough in dirt before a nigga left it
If you help me out when i get out i'll give you half on that deal"
The old man ready, he grinnin', that stray
Look here gramps, meet me at my door for the plan round 'bout 8
Check it pops, you got to get a shovel and a pine box
Put me in the ground and dig me out once they talk to the cops
I'm gonna need a slight overdose of some mother f*ckin' sleepin' pills
So while i'm waitin in the dirt i won't breathe up the air in here
Sneak in the office get the keys off of dr. malique
And while you doin that i'll take the pills so i fall asleep
I started feelin' my awareness fadin' away
I could slightly hear all the dirt gettin' tossed on to the pine crate
I awoke and in my square waiting to be freed
But from the light i seen someone killed the maintence man that dormant
With me

I'm scared, is anyone out there?
Damn, i'm scared is anyone out there?
I'm scared, is anyone out there?
Damn, i'm scared is anyone out there?

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