Three 6 Mafia - Flashes Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Flashes Lyrics
[Chorus x3]
I keep on havin' these flashes
Murder by the masses
Sick off human ashes
Hatas passion

[dj paul]
We motherf*ckin' whole mothas
Glock huggas
Rob till we rob each other, facked on any motherf*cka nigga
.40 cal's got me dangery
Like jj fad icredible hoe don't make me anga-ry
We prophet posse got you in the cross
We done gotcha
In the motherf*ckin' scope
We done shot cha
We get more wilder than a chicken with his head cut off
Three 6 mafia hypnotizin' don't make me set it off

[gangsta boo]
Screamin' notha f*ckin' murder, murder, murder on my mind
Gettin' wild with these hella fied rhymes on ya mind
Never the on be mistaken
Never the one takin' a loss
I always be the f*ckin' one who to be the damn doubt
Watcha say, nigga what
You wanna get up in my shit
Shit gonna get your ass in trouble
Shit gonna get your head split
Stay focused stay rollin' when i'm ridin' dirty nigga
Gettin' twisted off some nigga
Dedicated to you killa

[Chorus x3]

[juicy j]
Guess who was scared
Niggas stalkin' in the memphis streets
The triple 6 them mafia niggas you don't wanna meet
Creep up on your ass and let the barrel sweep
Sweep and let the blast take you from off your feet
And to your family and your friends i know them hoes will miss you
You should have warned them that the three 6 mafia out to get cha
Would you walk to his house with a pistol
Could you let the heat go like you shouldn't have missed him

[koopsta knicca]
It's the blue lights in the night
When i go for ridin'
I'm seein' headlights on the right creepin' up from behind
Ran that trick hit the d
F*ckety-f*ck with the hennessy
Leavin' that third, need reserve
Droppin' on the curve to by to my (??)
See by a chance that he may touch me it's a hint that he gonna miss
Cause i will take some plastic man and rip this skin up off this
Motherf*ckin' piece
So now he diss me
No one can play hey, now tell me wha'ts next
Come here play he say (??)

[Chorus...till fade]

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