Three 6 Mafia - F*ck That Nigga Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

F*ck That Nigga Lyrics
(feat. Juicy J)

Follow that nigga [x11]

[Juicy J]
F*ck that nigga and his whole damn neighborhood
Let me make one motherf*ckin thing understood
In my hood a couple of you niggaz try to sell out, tell out
Now you know don't have to make me take my scope out
And when I do that
I'm a aim then f*ck ya
Solid in my face all mayn
I'm a busta
Cap in yo ass
That's for f*ckin with me nigga
I know that you a hoe
And now I heard you clamin killa
A killa is a nigga who will look you in the eye
Put tha pistol in your face
And let the pistol meet the fly
But I don't think so
You betta not try
I'm throwin out guns like a kamikaze pilot
My eyelid is raised and I got u in focus
What you wanna faze all you punk ass jokers
I hope this
Lesson motherf*ckers gonna teach you
I got 6 slugs and they all wanna beat you

Follow that nigga
Follow that nigga
Follow that nigga
Bling bling bling
F*ck this shit

Follow that nigga
Follow that nigga
Follow that nigga
Bling bling bling bling
F*ck this shit

[Juicy J]
F*ck you nigga
And you know just who I'm talkin bout
Livin on that other side
And you crossed a nigga out
I'm about my home
When it comes to stayin down
Use to be my road dogg
Now you just another clown
Hangin round you
Was a very very dumb mistake
Thought you was a real nigga
But you was another fake
Busta, musta
Wanna be thugster
I'm a label you as a dead motherf*cker
F*ckin with a nigga like that
You can die hoe
When I come out with the gat
I'm a try hoe
All of my might
Put you six under
Lookin for a fight
I'm a break out with the thunder
Sound of a glock 38
What you gonna do
Last sound that you hear (boom)
Mark ass niggaz fruntin like they gonna blast
Don't make a nigga like me run and kill yo ass

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