Three 6 Mafia - Gangsta Niggaz Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Gangsta Niggaz Lyrics
[Chorus: DJ Paul]

We up all night (we hip, we hip)
We high off that white
We smokin that weed (we hip, we hip)
Them eyes be tight
We drinkin them fifths (we hip, we hip)
We pimpin a bitch
Our grills are gold (we hip, we hip)
Our nose be (sniff)
We carried them glocks (we hip, we hip)
Our hustle is rocks
Consumers or junkies (we hip, we hip)
The blockies I start
If smaller or bigger (we hip, we hip)
We drinkin them triggers
Cause everybody wanna be a gangsta nigga

[DJ Paul]

I can't stand a sorry nigga tryna act like he tough
When he at the D&D he wanna act like he buff
On the parking lot he becking tryna act like he stuck
Showing out in front of hoes tryna act like he cut
If it's money lookin funny he goin act like he must
Tell his boys he made a stain meaning act like he bust
On a nigga on dem things meaning act like he touch
Said he missed em when he shot meaning act like he ducked
Met a super bad bitch he wanna act like he f*cked
Said he got the chewing first he wanna act like she sucked
Ridin other niggas Rovers tryna act like his truck
Selling other niggas dope tryna act like his stuff
On them heavy niggas dick you better act like you up
He just a fagot pussy whip you better act like enough
Just because he just a lemon he a act like he us
Fallen weak for chicken women nigga act like you rough


[Project Pat]

Triple six we don't like you hoes
And you know we quick to "blop blop"
We quick big creeping up foes foes
And you know we keepin that "glock glock"
We stayin riding in dem Chevvys
And you know and our pain is "flip flop"
We walkin right dead on your porch
And you know we ain't goin "knock knock"
You bitches better call the f*ckin cops
Black Haven niggas acting up all on the f*ckin block
We made it hot
We out the frame and niggas know it main
What's hard about it we so quick to do the damn thing
We bouncin bouncin, swanging swanging, and we can't be playing
My Cincinnati naughty niggas know what I be saying
We stayin representing the south wit golds in our mouth
These other boys off in this bitch know what we be about
We burning rubber leaving rubbers in his f*ckin bed
To let him know that we been here and his girl been so bad
You f*ckin round wit some pimps when you come down here
Be walking round wit a limp f*ckin off down here
We gangsta niggaz


[Gangsta Boo]

I be here nigga what
Riding ?
Partner smoking,crunking,funking in an overseas car
Ya'll don't know I be stepping
B-A-Z be repping
Always down to buck a sucker triple six my weapon
Bitch I'm a women I done paid all my dues
I done shot up niggas homes got they bodies on the news hoe
Stay smoking dro, stay studio bumped out
Mobbing wit them boys on that vay nigga blowed out
What you wanna do
Pimping Gangsta Boo
Bitch I'll f*ck yo nigga and yo mutherf*ckin bitch too
Coward sissy nigga you ain't know crazy lady got that doe
Riding Caddiliac on vogues yelling f*ck you funky hoes
And I got my glock out ready to pop a bitch right in that grill
Tryna step up to me wrong that's what got yo ass killed
Never be a hesitater always ready to pull the trigger
Everybody wanna be a gangsta nigga


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