Three 6 Mafia - In Da Game Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

In Da Game Lyrics

Dope game cocaine
Dope game dope dope cocaine...

[Gangsta Boo]

Dope game
my game
hoes lame
its a shame
how the Gangsta Boo is gonna click up on you bitches manne
Gangsta Boo is not the kind of bitch that will like get punked out
looks are so decieving
stupid bitch do you wanna fizzind out
how can ya bust a playa
playahataz better listen close
if you try to buck me bitch
Im outie with you f*cking soul
yes the devils daughter
kind of caught up bitch that wish the slip
slip yo ass in a coffin
because you run your f*ckin lip
Hoe my game is thick
so stupid bitch dont ever test me hoe
if I f*cked up once
you f*ck up twice
so hoe you gotta go
Listen deep this pimpin
really quick before I split your dome
hoe you trying to cross me in this game
and stupid hoe its on

[Juicy J]

Just a flodgin ass nigga
with a lot of cheese
heard he stackin g's
everyday pushin plenty keys
Nigga dont know me
cause I aint no phony
and I aint the nigga you can whoop and call me toby
low key
on his ass
waitin for the night to come
so I can kick down his door and make him give me some
bitch I with a little young nigga age thirteen
f*cked up in town while I watched yo ass ride clean
now that Im grown up
from the hood I gained nuts
nigga you gonna drop off that dope
or feel the pain of a hollow tip
rip through your shit or your f*ckin brain
thats what you get
when you choose to play the dope game


[DJ Paul]

Im at the cut
droppin the fiend down with the monkey nuts
Im tired
Im hittin 'em short
I gotta get over
I dont give a f*ck
the shit goes on from sun-up till sun-down
and on the tweleve I geuss
but now its time cut the shit
wheres my mind at my best
I gotta test
a nigga to see what he got can a fool
make you straight a couple of g's
I need more cheese
I layin it down on his face
but dont waste time
I gotta roll straight through the shit
sometimes I wonder will it end
cause I rob for petty shit
Im riskin my life pullin yo card
after yall push him off the wood grain
a pop off his smile a one eight spot
Im dodgin the cops
watchin my bizzak fools kinda like a snitch
but when I do my boys
I find there house and go up in that shit

[Lord Infamous]

Check it out
nigga Im kickin in doos
bodies are froze
bloody ya clothes
gun to ya nose
all of you niggaz you really need to give up more money and dope
face the floor
into ya head
droppin 'em dead
Infamous fled
put them to bed
with the weight
then escape
count the stacks
shine my gat
after I jack
like a rat
on the creep
all you dopehead niggaz will get put to sleep
when I sneak
give up the dope or get a hole in yo cranium
you see this mean artilery you know containin some
shit that makes me flexible to make your life ejectible
and with this bullet in your brain you be dead either comotose
so when you pushin candy with the Scarecrow comin to smoke you manne
simple and plain
youll get stanged
if you in the dope game


In da game
trapped in da game.....

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