Three 6 Mafia - I Told 'em Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

I Told 'em Lyrics
Yeah! Hypnotize Minds!
Three 6 Ma-fi-UHH!
Yuh~! You niggaz wanna motherf*ckin play nigga
Don't go by the Terrance playin no motherf*ckin TV show or movie nigga
Lookin to test me sucka?
I'll show you niggaz where motherf*ckin tears come from nigga
From the motherf*ckin haze of these niggaz guns right here boy!
It's goin down!

[Chorus: x2]
I told 'em I told 'em I told 'em I told 'em I told 'em
I showed 'em I showed 'em I showed 'em I showed 'em I showed 'em
I hate to be FUSSY, I said I hate to be FUSSY
I said I hate to be FUSSY, I swear I hate to be

[Verse 1:]
Come one come all, to the Hypnotize gun show
Young hoe, gun let go, I've been gung-ho
Run yo' click clean out of that shit
Did they forget, or did they not know who they was f*ckin with?
D Paul, Three 6, king of this Memphis shit
Any nigga think otherwise they need to stop it
Prayin when the red tape'll introduce a faker to they maker
Call me The Undertaker for haters causin vapors
And you can catch a hot one, I got plenty of 'em
They called bullets and they burn just like a oven
You know we can do it however, it ain't no use to play
Fire on a nigga like they used to say, YUH!


[Verse 2:]
Coward niggaz ride 20 niggaz deep
With a piece, underneath the seat, make 'em think they street
I don't need nobody else, whup you by myself
One on one, leave the guns at home, keep 'em on the shelf
But you cain't, cause you need a crew, extra fist or two
Only one, might really shoot, but that is not you
And you show out, try to buck, make 'em think you tough
Been to jail about a couple times, I guess that puffed you up
If you real nigga what the deal? Take some weed or pills
Maybe thinkin get your confidence up, tell 'em how you feel
You a Jew, and a f*ck nigga, cain't stand yo' grind
But you walk around, fake-ass frown, but I know you're a clown beotch!


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