Three 6 Mafia - Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Knock Tha Black Off Yo Ass Lyrics
[Hook 2x]
It ain't no bitch in my blood nigga its nothing but thug [2x]
I'lll knock tha black off yo ass [4x]

[Project Pat] {North North} [repeated throughout verse]
The main nigga on the block where it's hot talking shit
I be the main motherf*cker somewhere dead in a ditch
Bullet lead to his broke leg two off in his head
Was he scared then hit the man 'cause of what he said
Copastead I be copastatic means I'm to the good
Copper lead in my automatic when I'm in your 'hood
Wish you would try to flex dog pistol in my drawers
Hollywood North Memphis dog motherf*ck the laws
Kept it real from the jump street still lookin' up to me
Out your grill bustin' wit' the heat off of the concrete
Blow your toes bloody out your nose got the body cold
Guy's will roll you to hospital full of hollow holes
Check 'em in with a sheisty grin you get out this cab
You gon' hand me some damn ends break yourself for dad
Doin' bad but I'm not for long my nigga it's on
When I shoot with this f*ckin' tone you is gon' be gone

[Hook 2x]

[Juicy J] {North North} [Repeated throughtout verse]
10 g's will get your ass blown off
Have your mama boohooin' and your daddy and your mother in law (mmmhmmm)
20 g's will get your ass chopped up
By some rendevue barbecue tips we don't give a f*ck (mmmhmm)
30 g's will get you thrown in a river
Splittin' wit' your nigga he'd probably ride wit' her (mmhmm)
50 g's will get you cold taken out
Niggaz mention your name they say "Man we don't know what you talkin'
'bout" (mmmhmm)
You can get your ass pistolwhipped with a nine or a .45 or a henny dip
We fight dirty till we die nigga get your throat slit
Then we stomp you to the ground and then we throw your arm a clip
We don't give a f*ck

[Hook 2x]

[Crunchy Black]
You can talk about this you can talk about that
But if I catch you talkin' I'ma beat you wit' a bat
Do you something wrong nigga how you like that
I thought I saw a puttycat I thought I saw a cat
Peepin' my goods try'na see my stash
But if I catch you peepin' nigga that's your ass
You the type of nigga that'll keep coming back
So I'ma gon' kill you leave you dead where you at

[DJ Paul]
I think they better call Bush 'cause it's a national disaster
When I unleash my pistolgrip Bushmaster
Ring the alarm I got double charms
100 round spinnin' you can't hide you can't run
I'm a sniper ridin' in a blue Chevy
A trunk full of guns man you hoes ain't ready
Kill a bitch like Freddy in the beddy in pajamas
In the middle of the night wake him up to red sights (Blaoow!)

[Hook 2x]

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