Three 6 Mafia - Life Or Death Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Life Or Death Lyrics
[Talking] [Gunshots]

[Chorus x2]
I ain't a killer but don't push me
Still still f*ckin' talkin'
You niggas still breathin'

Which side are you on
Life or death

[Chorus x2]

The Kila Klan Kaze gon' watch you bleed
Ask Jesus for forgivin'
For all the sins that I did
I'm trapped in a storm
In a place we call Earth
I tried to stop but I just slid
Into a path where hatas are dwellin' my life
Lie in the hands of others
It's so f*cked up in this place we call home
Cause it's the back stabbin' bustas
I separate my folks from friends
Is the type of click that I be in
It makes it difficult for me to decifer
Who came to ride to the end
See Ana it's all
Be every be wonderin'
If I'm gonna see tommorrow
So I pack my heat
Off in these streets
Bitch to relieve all this drama
I'm settin' my stake high
To a g to make g's
Cause I'm known to be the mackBut soon as I take two steps to the
It seems I get pulled three steps back
You see less fortune in niggas
Start lookin' suspicious neglected
See we were cool
Now I hate em'
Inject the pain'
Suffacate em'
You smarter than [??]
See ain't no love for no busters
You punks is shaded like graded
See you ain't shit I don't trust ya
Life or death
Theres no one left
The engines miss so brace yourself
Will they allow me to have these doors
I close my eyes
And I lost my breath

[Chorus x5]

Which side are you on
Life or death

The Killa Klan Kaze gon' watch you bleed
Never mistaken your life
I be taken so watch your step (watch your step)
The borthers out there sit wonderin' how can I overcome life
With no closer def
But prophets has raised me up from the grave
But I'm afraid to come back to my life of sin
But see when K-Roc just keep on and take so hes oh
(f*ck a friend bitch)
F*ck a bitch
Kill the trick
Lifestyle serves down for my hustle man
Prophet Entertainment motherf*cker wanna burp
Killa Play can you say what you do
Keep it to what you through life or death
Triple 6 witness is victims
Or speakers no bitches don't know what is K-Roc himself
These no one left

Spank a bee
Ckeck a bee
take a nigge she leave him here
And thie D's when you f*ckin' with P fool
You and coll you and Lou who
Be in the Killa Klan Kaze will blast if I motherf*ckin' have to
Real from my palm hand niggas in my trunk trunk
Bot they redrum
Why don't you come and get your head bump
Lumps ah what I want
Better for your body
More Scanman rap
Drop [??] in the dungeon
All I want is you to come and walk along with me
Three 6 Mafia and Killa Klan Kaze
[??] is what they had you send to me
Can you like feel my breeze
See fool breeze between them trees

[Chorus x2]

Which side are you on
Life or death
Life or death

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