Three 6 Mafia - P.I.M.P. Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

P.I.M.P. Lyrics
Pimpin' is big business (Believe me)
You gotta work these broads like never before (I say)
Pimpin' is big business
You gotta work these broads like never before

[Hook: x2]
I'm a P-I-M-P, that's what I f*ckin' be [x3]
I'm a P, I, M-P

[Frayser Boy:]
I'm steppin' out in gators fool
Slippin' on my gator shoes
Pimpin in my blood motherf*cker
'Bout some paper, cool
Sharper than a razor dude
F*ck what I made ya do
Hoe get on the grind, respect my mind
See ya later boo
Hoe get on the track or get smacked
Bring that money back
Get your ass jacked if ya slack
That's that pimpin' black

[Lil Wyte:]
Well spray the pimp juice
Cologne, it's on, gotta smell good for my baby
Mean mug a 'tute, [?] the spinners drive her crazy
Get country to roll, let the wind blow through her hair, through blown out brains
From time to time I pulled over, f*cked her in pourin' rain
So I'm a pimp wit' my own level of pimpology
I'll keep my one and all y'all average keep y'all twenty-three

[Hook 2x]

[Crunchy Black:]
See I'm a [?] but I got a little pimp in me dog
I got a hoe out there, she's gettin' grip for me y'all
And if I catch her slippin', that's a lip busted dog
I got a stable full of thoroughbred bitches my dog
And if you want one of them to come up outta their drawers
You gotta pay wit' your way 'cause they some baddy lil' broads

[Lord Infamous:]
My manipulator, player from the Himalayas
That hoe better slay a prayer if she do not quickly pay a
Nigga, mack, stallion, slayer
Oh why do you wish to pay a
Brother like you fruity flavor
Don't you dare disobey a
Mack, Lord's the [?]
All up in intensive care
Soon as I think she's okay I'll send her ass right back there

[Hook 2x]

[Juicy J:]
They call me Juicy Dynama
When they say I'm out of sight
I'm something like a main event
A royal talk about some fight
And if you see me coughin', chokin'
Might be off that weed smoke
I'm in the Maybach on the street
Your girl was givin' me deepthroat!!
Just a wild player from the north off the block
Slangin' sizzurp by the oz. and that solid by the rock

[DJ Paul:]
You see I'm all about that cheese hoe and ain't a damn thing funny
F*ck some matrimony bitch I'm talkin' 'bout that macaroni
I got some workers from San Francisco to Maine
Back down to Memphis all the way over to Spain
'Cause I work 'em like never before (Believe me)
I'm talkin' everyday

[Hook x2]

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