Three 6 Mafia - Project Hoes Lyrics

Three 6 Mafia Lyrics

Project Hoes Lyrics
project project project hoe [x4]

Bullshitters go for the he say she say
Real niggas go for the lucha leray
Bitch f*ck with me and she gotsta pay me
Loot in my hand hoe before you leave me
Go get your f*ck on cuz that dont phase me
Lame niggas let that will drive them crazy
Hoes see a playa pulling up screaming save me
If i gotta weak mind the cap will slave me
High off that weed smoke i'ze kinda hazy
Can't work no job man i'ze kinda lazy
Hoes' f*ckin other hoes' that don't amaze me
Hoes' breakin other hoes' my kinda lady
Shit you can suck a dick you still my bitch though
Long as you get the cheese and bring it pronto
Don't talk about us we on the lo lo
Try to copy the keys to his front and his back door

Ain't no money come nigga gettin that hoe money
Like ? on that blow money

Universal hoes i meet
My grade in my city streets
You should see her jaws
If you think the nile rivers deep
Can't no other mouth compete
Costin me the richest peek
Techniques of the tounge unique
Take me over flow this freak
Of this game my dick can love
Never do this shit in public
Now shes chewin on it like a 5 piece chicken nugget
Gettin rugged late at night
If its free the price is right
Shes the type to be tha dyke
Until the second cummer cries
You can't change just let her be
She gets over ? Love the sex
More than shop fanatics love the shoppen spree
The dyke my hoe don't have to pee
Long as she just let me see
Her companion eat her out
A porno scene ?
A playa mix hidiously like a bitch
Take a check and leave her at the bank and find a date to get
Savage like a cherokee
Split the ? head and leave
Bonen hoes whose x-rated
Evil like the pharasies


Shit drop it off chop it off
Shit i'm trying to make my ends
All about my hustle stackin kenedys and benjamins
Nigga how you figga that lil chat be with that playa shit
Got me f*cked up nigga now you f*ckin with the right bitch
Sad cuz you can't fake it or relate it to the game you layin
Cuz i'll be so chiefed man talking about shit get about your playin
Yea i love you boo i love to feel your tongue between my ass
But i love you more because you break me off with dope and cash
Shit i gotta have it wanna grab it you can't touch me hoe
You can taste me trick ain't got no problems if you got that dough
Satisfaction what you lackin cuz i stay about my mackin
Plus when we be f*ckin i be thinkin bout the cheese i'm stackin
Yea i be a hoe for that dough ain't no f*ck for free
All about that fatty is whatever ain't no stoppin me
Feelin isn't good i'm given tender love and plenty care
Nigga's think you pimpin me lil chat your f*ckin nightmare


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